2016 Cabinet & Closets Conference and Expo


DATE: Mar 2016


Mozaik Software launches Version 4.2 at 2016 Cabinet & Closets Expo in Pasadena, Ca.

Mozaik Software will be demonstrating the latest features of Version 4.2 at the upcoming Cabinet & Closet Expo in Booth 309. Stop by the booth and check out the latest innovations for the industry's leading software innovator.

Along with all the new features of Version 4.2, Mozaik will be showing the new Edge Banding system developed exclusively for Mozaik's design-to-manufacture software products. This exciting new innovation allows each edge of each part in a library and/or job to be banded independently of any other part. The banding can be easily setup and adapted differently for frame, frameless, and closet applications. The banding instructions are communicated to the shop on the cutting lists and through graphic labels from the nests.

Mozaik™ is available in three versions, Design, Manufacturing, and CNC. There are no upfront costs associated with any version. Simply select the version that’s right for your business, download the software, and go to work. No risks. No worries.

Tired of the mountain of paperwork being printed for each job? Maybe it's time to go paperless. Check out Mozaik's revolutionary Paperless Shop™ Tablet Applications. These exciting products allow you to communicate all production and assembly details to your shop effortlessly and they empower your employees to answer their own questions before they're asked!

If you design or manufacture cabinets and/or closets you will want to see this exciting new approach to software. The products are fast and simple. The room graphics are based in Sketchup™. Go from Jobsite to G-Code in minutes!

Editor’s Note:

For further information please call Mozaik Software, LLC. 760.585.9550

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