Mozaik CNC 1-year subscription

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Mozaik CNC

  • Initial term of three months, followed by one-year subscription

    Additional seat: $60 /mo
  • Includes all Manufacturing functionality.​
  • From design and cut lists to nesting and machine-ready G-Code, Mozaik CNC version has everything a business needs to run its CNC Router.​
  • This solution also offers true-shape nesting, CNC MDF Doors, CNC Dovetail Drawers, and more.
  • Free stock post processors for over 175 different CNC machine brands.

Mozaik CNC

Plus Nested Labels
  • Initial term of three months, followed by one-year subscription

    Additional seat: $60 /mo
  • Print nested part labels using sheet or roll label printers. ​
  • Customize label templates in any way. ​
  • Include sheet or part drawings on your labels.​
  • Print labels directly from the optimizer.​

Mozaik CNC

Plus Paperless Shop
  • Initial term of three months, followed by one-year subscription

    Additional seat: $60 /mo
  • Paperless Shop App can be installed on 12 Windows tablet PCs.
  • View Cut Lists for all parts of your job. Control sorting, and mark parts as cut. ​
  • View cabinet-level assembly information such as 2D/3D views, parts/hardware lists, notes, and more.
  • View nested sheets, print labels, and mark sheets as complete.
  • View plans and elevations​.

Mozaik CNC

Plus Nested Labels & Paperless Shop​
  • Initial term of three months, followed by one-year subscription

    Additional seat: $60 /mo
  • Includes all add-ons available with Mozaik CNC: Nested Labels and Paperless Shop.
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Customer reviews

14 years I used KCD, wish I switched years ago. The price alone is worth it, then throw in the "Free" upgrades to the latest software. The user forums are great. Can't say enough about Mozaik.

Mozaik customer since August 2016

I wish I had Mozaik 5 years ago. I probably would have gotten my CNC 4 years ago, instead of this year. Never dreamed my shop could run so efficiently. There hasn’t been anything Mozaik and my CNC couldn’t make yet.

Mozaik customer since November 2017

We are a small shop, but at any level of production I think the CNC Operator is a must. It saves time at the machine not having to run back and forth to the office to do corrections, remakes or whatever is needed. Everything is done right at the machine. It is a good value as it also includes the labeling module, which we couldn’t live without.

Mozaik customer since April 2018

It took me a day or so to learn how to design on (our old software) because it doesn’t do much. Mozaik takes a little longer to learn because it does so much more. My colleague and I both used (that other software) and both of us have switched to Mozaik and have CNC routers on order. We both agree that between the CNC machines and Mozaik software it’s going to put our business on a whole new level.

Mozaik customer since May 2018


A Mozaik subscription gives you access to the full version of your Mozaik software for the term of your subscription, plus any add-on you may have purchased. It includes access to updates and new versions.
The Cyncly Account is your new hub for managing your Mozaik subscriptions.​
Cyncly Account functions:​
  • Add seats to your subscription
  • Upgrade your subscription​
  • See and manage your subscriptions​
  • Access downloads and updates​
  • Manage your Cyncly profile
  • All the contact information for support is available here.
  • You can access updates from your Cyncly Account.
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