Mozaik Manufacturing $95/mo

Design to manufacture software for shops with flat table CNC Routers. return to products

"The return on your investment is immediate. Whether you build one kitchen a month or multiple kitchens per day, Mozaik MFG will pay for itself on the first job, every month!"

Mozaik Manufacturing comes complete with Face Frame, Frameless, Closet, and AWI Libraries ... modify the joinery in each library to fit your own methods! Use our Combination Joinery™ to create your ideal construction method. Quickly change from one method to another. There are no limits.

Build frame or frameless.

Mozaik Manufacturing produces accurate cutting lists based on your unique construction methods. The software is delivered with "ready to run" construction setups streamlined for nested based manufacturing. These can be used out-of-the-box to produce 100% accurate cutlists or they can be quickly modified to your specification. Create your own construction methods from scratch, fast and easy.

Build Cabinets Your Way!

We value that every company has their own construction methods that they prefer to use. At Mozaik we will not try and change the way you build, we will embrace it!

Use our intuitive construction parameters to setup your company's exact construction methods and switch them on the fly. You can also use our exclusive combination joinery options to create your ideal construction method. From dowels to dados, or Frameless to Face Frame, we will construct cabinets your way.

Quickly change from one method to another. Combine dados, qualified tennons, knock down fasteners, screws, confirmat, dowels. You decide the joinery that's right for your shop.

As you change your construction methods or cabinet designs, all relevant parts and operations will automatically adjust. You can even change your parameters per job, or per cabinet.

Utilize our powerful product editor to customize your cabinets. Shape the cabinet from the Top, Face or Side! Section the face and interior as needed. Add accessories or pricing for each cabinet, and make any custom modifications to the parts or operations. With Mozaik, there truly are no limits.

Customize Your Cabinets with the Product Editor

Use the easy to use built-in Product Editor to customize your products. Section the face with any combination of doors, drawers, openings, and panels. Section the cabinet's interior with any combination of trays, shelves, and partitions.

Add insert graphics or hardware accessories such as trash pullouts or Lazy Susan's and have operations and pricing automatically added.

For your one off custom items, use the Part Editor to shape the parts and add any operations needed to suit your custom design.

Save any custom cabinets you create to your Product Library to save time the next time a similar item is required.

Customize Your Product Libraries

Mozaik comes preset with fully configured Frameless, Face Frame, and Closet Libraries. All standard cabinets and products are included. Choose your construction methods for each library and all products will automatically be built to your specifications. Copy our existing libraries and rename them to make your own custom product libraries.

Modify, add, or remove any product in your library. Change how your library is organized by renaming, reordering items, or adding folders.

Mozaik also comes pre loaded with additional product libraries including extensive collections of appliances, cabinet accessories, graphic items, plumbing and electrical fixtures, windows, doors, and more. From fridges to faucets, sofas to shoes, we have the graphic content that will help you visualize and plan your projects.

Built In 3D Viewer

Use the built-in 3d viewer to instantly view any design in 3d. As you design your room, the 3D Viewer will instantly update. Choose from wireframe, hidden line, and filled with color view options. Choose which layers are visible in your design to hide components such as countertops, walls, and more.

Once you are have the perfect view, save it to the Views menu to instantly navigate back to that same angle.

Add any saved views to your drawings in Multi-Print and watch them instanty update in your drawing as changes are made.

Generate 100% Accurate Cut Lists and Order Lists

With Mozaik, generating accurate cutlists is easy. Once you have selected the correct materials, hardware, and construction methods, you can enjoy a variety of automated cutlist reports. From cabinet part sizes, to door stile and rail cutlists, face frame cutlists, to drawer box part lists.

For items you may order in such as doors, or drawer boxes, you can quickly choose to print a order list showing the overall size, material, and style of the item.

If you need a specific cutlists, Mozaik has a custom Cutlist editor where you can create your own cutlist tables, and control what columns are shown, sorting and filtering options as well as a variety of formatting options.

Create Plans and Submittal Drawings

Use the built-in Multi-Print interface to size and arrange your printouts in any combination for shop use or to present to your customers, architects, or contractors.

Easily drag in Floor Plans, Elevations, Wall Sections, Countertop Drawings, Live 3d Views, variables, symbols, and more! Add cabinet details such as assembly drawings or sections. Add your own dimensions, lines, shapes. text, or images. With Multi-Print you can create as many pages as your project requires.

Choose from any number of preset titleblocks and customize the titleblock layout, variables, or even add your companies logo.

As changes are made to your job, you can relax, as all of your 2d and 3d drawings in Multiprint will automatically update, taking the stress out of changes!

Automatically Generate Assembly Sheets

Have Mozaik automatically generate detailed cabinet assembly sheets for your projects. View cabinet specific drawings, cutlists and note.

Create your own Assembly Sheet templates to suit your needs and wants. Add your Logo, or any other variables needed.

Design Custom Products

Use Mozaik's powerful Product Editing tools to take your design beyond standard cabinetry.

You can quickly modify products to make built in furniture such as built in cabinetry, mantles, wine cellars and more.

Design Closets

Mozaik comes with a ready to use Closet Library! Whether you are cabinetmaker or a closetmaker, Mozaik can be configured to make your closets the way you want. From 32mm Linebore system closets, to selective drill closets, to built-in closet cabinetry,. The Mozaik closet library can be configured to suit you needs.

Quickly layout and design any closet configuration using the built-in Mozaik Closet Library! Add common closet components from the library like short-hangs, double-hangs, long-hangs, bridge shelves, corner shelves, shoe cubbies.

Add specialty items like wire baskets, hampers, trash pullouts, jewelry drawer, pant racks, tie racks, angled shelves. These items can be setup to automatically transfer CNC machining operations directly onto the adjacent panels! Eliminate those costly mistakes and added installation details. You have your CNC machine, lets put it to work!

Industry Leading Hardware

Mozaik comes pre-loaded with the industry leading drawer guides and metal drawer box systems, hinges, pulls, accessories and more. With brands such as Blum, Grass, Hettich, Richelieu, and more, we will have the hardware to get you going on day one.

If you don't see your brand, use our easy to use intuative Hardware Libraries to setup or customize your own hardware.

Custom Doors

Mozaik comes pre loaded with a large variety of door styles. Choose from Traditional 5-Piece doors, Mitre Doors, Slab Doors, One-Piece Routed Doors, or custom SketchUp doors.

Customize any door's design and parameters, and section it to suit your needs. Save commonly used doors to your library and add pricing for accurate job estimates.

When you need that one off custom door or panelized end for a project, section doors and panels per-cabinet "on the fly!"

Custom Drawer Boxes

Create custom drawer boxes to ensure your drawer boxes are built to suit your business. Choose from a variety of popular pre setup drawer box construction methods, or use our easy to use drawer box library to make your own.

Setup your precise sizing methods to ensure accurate cutlists and compatibility with your hardware choices.

Create shaped drawer boxes to avoid sink plumbing. Add pricing to ensure accurate job bids and more.

Price with Confidence!

Use Mozaik's pricing module to automatically generate accurate pricing bids that you can trust. Mozaik will automatically price your project based on your selected materials, hardware, drawers, cabinets, and more. Add the costs you pay your suppliers for items like materials and hardware, choose from multiple markup options to differentiate your costs vs your marked up retail price.

Use a variety of other pricing methods such as Labor estimates, machining time, lineal or area calculations, and more! Add any additional "add on" items such as shop supplies or delivery. Add your local taxes, any down payments and have a price in seconds.

Once you have a pricing bid created, have Mozaik generate contacts and other documents needed for your job. Generate change orders, and use our exclusive "What If" pricing option to price multiple scenarios simultaneously!