Feature comparison by version

Compare the basic features of each Mozaik™ product. Choose the software that’s right for your business.
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Product features




Free HelpDesk support
Free built-in HelpDocs
Free training videos
Free product forum
Free product updates
One-on-one online training
Toggle units between mm and inches
File sharing between multiple seats
Add job notes / customer info / jobsite pictures
Store specification drawings
Industry leading hardware libraries included
Customize or add your own hardware
Customizable or add your own hardware
Hinges, side mount, under mount, metal drawer guides
Customizable drawer box construction and sizing
Slab, 5-Piece, mitre, routed, and SKP doors
Create custom doors
Section doors & ends on the fly
Door pricing
Create unlimited rooms
Unlimited walls
Copy rooms and mirror room layouts
Change wall textures per wall
Edit the wall or floor shape
Precisely position walls
Add peninsulas, T-walls and islands
Place and size windows and doors
Place plumbing & electrical fixtures
Edit cabinets on the fly
Built-in 3D viewer
Copy / mirror cabinets
Auto-fill cabinets
Shape cabinets on the floorplan
SketchUp export option
Add permanent or temporary dimensions
Edit materials / textures for multiple cabinets at once
Face, shape, plan shaping
Exterior and interior sectioning
Select cabinet type (frame, frameless, 32mm, inset, full overlay)
Edit part sizes, shapes, operations, and position
Create formulas
Add custom parameters
Preloaded with face framed, frameless, and closet libraries
Add or edit cabinets on the fly
Reorder/organize your library
Download customized libraries online
Mitrefold, Gola Libraries
Create and modify unlimited joinery settings
Save unlimited cabinet construction methods
Cabinet accessories libraries
Appliances, plumbing, electrical, graphic libraries
Add your own 3D models to a library
Autobuild countertops & moldings
Shape countertops & moldings on the floorplan
Shape backsplashes
Change textures per counter top or molding path
Waterfall countertop ends
Add and edit sink cutouts
Add your own molding profiles & pricing
Order entry processing
Door order mode for standalone door processing
Edit properties and profiles for multiple doors at once
Import order files
Assembly sheets
Print sheet or roll labels
Automatically print job cutlists & drawings
Drawings update with job changes
Add floorplan drawings
Add elevation drawings
Add "Live" 3D Viewer images
Add individual cabinet details
Full wall sections
Individual product sections
Multiple drawings on one page
Multiple drawing templates
Customize titleblocks
Add cover pages
Add drawing symbols
Add room legends
Add item lists
Add custom dimensions and notes
Print drawings on any paper size
Print to paper or PDF
Create custom pricing templates
Track job costing
What-if pricing
Change orders
Custom pricing reports
Add on Paperless Shop Tablet Apps option
Optimize for table or panel saw
Choose from rip, cross, or either as first cut direction
Sheet booking
Edit part shapes after nesting
Track remnants
Nest with multiple sheet sizes of same material
Add sheets to run
True shape nesting
Import & export parts
Move, cut, paste parts on sheet
Unlimited CNC machines
Part Remake bin
Dimension parts & part position & spacing
Export layered DXF Files
Add on NBM Label option
Create batch GCode in seconds
Create single sheet and single tool GCode files
Small part handling
View real-time machine toolpath statistics
Simulate GCode
View or edit GCode files
Enter custom CNC tooling, control all parameters
Automatic GCode limit scanning
Single tool, tool sets, multi-carousel support
Edit part operations after nesting
Edit post processor using simple text editors
Free stock post processors
Enter load / unload position
Create CNC Mitrefolds
CNC dovetail boxes
Automatically generate MDF Door tool paths
Add on CNC Auto-Labeling
Set user permissions
Fine-tune software feature access
Restrict users from accessing others' jobs
Create usernames and passwords
Establish standard user roles
Define login policies
Centralized job settings view
Make global changes to materials and hardware
Categorize jobs as active, completed, or lost
Rearrange room order
Use color coding for visual flagging overrides
Implement job filtering
Customize and set job status
Customize and set job tags