About Us

About Us

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo da Vinci

Mozaik Software is a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation. The company was founded and operated by one of the original developers of custom cabinet software with over 30 years of experience developing and servicing software for the woodworking industry.

The company produces PC based software products which run on the Windows™ operating system for cabinets, closets, and casework. Our focus is on the custom cabinet shop. The product line is capable of taking your business from job site planning, through design, to manufacturing, to running your CNC Routers to paperless shop tablet applications for labeling, cutting, and assembling.

These award winning products include: Mozaik™ Manufacturing for the custom shop, Mozaik™ plus Optimizer for optimizing parts, Mozaik™ CNC Version for a complete design-to-manufacture solution for nesting flat table CNC Routers, and the Mozaik Paperless Shop™ Tablet Apps for cutting, labeling, and assembly automation.

One of our stated goals is to help make software and a CNC Router as common as a table saw in today's cabinet shop. To make this happen we have to change the way software is bought and sold in our industry.

After years of careful planning, Mozaik™ has completely eliminated the upfront cost for software. Our products are available on a monthly subscription basis, which includes all software updates and online support services.

We understand our industry and know our customers' business needs change. As a result, we allow our customers to upgrade, or downgrade, from any of our products at any time. Because you pay on a monthly basis you are never penalized for using any of our products. We believe your software should be flexible as your business needs change.

Mozaik™ is continually evolving using the latest technologies available in the world today.

Mozaik™ is friendly software. The product is leaner and cleaner than ever before. Most importantly, it meets the simple rule we established decades ago, keep the simple tasks simple and make the complex tasks possible.

As of September 2022 Mozaik joined forces with Cyncly, a worldwide leader in software. This partnership will allow Mozaik to continue growing and expanding on a global basis.

We hope you will share our vision of eliminating the upfront cost of software and making it affordable for everyone.