Complete CNC software for the cabinet industry

Mozaik's design-to-manufacture solutions for cabinets, closets and casework will meet the needs of any custom cabinet shop.

  • Award-winning solutions
  • Flexible subscriptions
  • Manage users and permissions
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Mozaik keeps the simple tasks simple, yet has the power and flexibility to handle any of your complex projects.

Mozaik Manufacturing™

Who It's For:
Designed for non-CNC cabinet shops.
What It Does:
  • Layout and Design
  • 3d visualization
  • Customize cabinet joinery
  • Cabinet editing and shaping
  • Customizable libraries
  • Dimensioned drawings
  • Assembly sheets
  • Pricing and Reporting
  • Cutlists
How You Benefit:
  • Streamline your design and manufacturing process
  • Ensure accuracy with detailed plans and lists
  • Save time on manual calculations and adjustments
  • 1-hour Setup training
  • Free email support

Mozaik CNC™

Who It's For:
Perfect for businesses with CNC routers.
What It Does:
  • All features included in MFG
  • Nesting CNC support
  • Machine ready GCode
  • True-shape nesting
  • Flipside operations
  • CNC joint fasteners
  • Automatic hardware boring
  • CNC dovetail drawers
  • Routed Doors
How You Benefit:
  • Simplify your CNC machining process with ready-to-use G-Code
  • Maximise efficiency with optimised material usage
  • Enhance precision and reduce waste
  • 1.5-hour Setup training
  • Free email support
  • Free post-processor
  • 1-hour CNC integration

Mozaik Enterprise™

Who It's For:
Tailored for larger custom cabinet shops with complex needs.
What It Does:
  • All features included in CNC
  • User Admin Controls
  • Job Dashboard
  • Job Manager
  • Optimizer Runs
  • Machine templates
  • Single-part CNC support
  • Drill and dowel machine support
  • Beam saw support
How You Benefit:
  • Manage your team and projects more effectively
  • Minimise risks with robust job backup systems
  • Enhance productivity with coordinated multi-machine operations
  • 1.5-hour Setup training
  • Free email support
  • Free post-processor
  • 2-hour CNC integration

Our trainers have an average of 12 years of hands-on experience in the custom cabinet manufacturing industry.

Software by cabinetmakers for cabinetmakers

Our award-winning software takes your business from job site planning, to design, through all stages of the manufacturing process and will create CNC ready GCode in seconds. All the while, Mozaik ensures everything is communicated clearly and efficiently with the shop floor through paperless tablet applications for labeling, cutting and assembling.
We understand the cabinet manufacturing industry and know how each business’ demands can vary. That’s why we offer flexible subscription solutions to meet your shop’s specific needs. Whether you are a traditional shop cutting on a table saw, or a production shop nesting for CNC, we have a product for you.

As an active customer, Mozaik customers gain access to more than 150 training videos, integrated HelpDocs, free Helpdesk support, and customer forums – all free of charge.

Customer reviews

"When we first started nested based manufacturing, the link to cabinet software was the number one reason our cabinet customers bought the CNC. Over time, it became the number one reason they did not buy a machine. Mozaik changed all that. This cabinetmaking software is going to redefine how cabinet software is sold in America."

Mozaik Customer since August 2017

"We switched to Mozaik, and my businesstripled. The software is more user friendly,much faster, and considerably moreaffordable. Custom parts and products areso simple compared to my past software.We should have switched years ago!"

Mozaik customer since May 2017

"I switched to Mozaik when we went CNC after about 20 years with my previous software. There's no comparison, and the support has been amazing! I'd be happy to recommend Mozaik."

Mozaik customer since Feb 2014

"I have been in the machinery industry since 1995. As a machinery tech I know that a CNC without software is like an F350 with a V6. Mozaik offers and supplies a quality product at a fraction of what other brands charge my longtime customers/friends. That's why I promote Mozaik software."

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