Complete CNC Software only $125/mo

Click on the software product that's right for your business.

Mozaik Design $50/mo

Layout and design software for custom cabinets and closets

Mozaik Manufacturing $75/mo

Design to manufacture software for traditional "non-CNC" cabinet shops

Mozaik CNC Complete $125/mo

Design to manufacture software for shops with flat table CNC Routers

No Risks. No worries.


Mozaik customer comments

Don't confuse affordability with capability!

Mozaik is the last software you'll ever need.

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Award Winning Software!


Cabinet Software made affordable.

The ultimate software for custom cabinetry does not have to cost more than you can afford!
Mozaik is simply the best software available at any price!

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It's the way software should be.

Fast. Simple. No hassles, No games. Buy it, down load it, use it!
When you subscribe to a Mozaik product, you're automatically getting the best in class.

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It's in there

No upfront costs, No hidden Fees.

Mozaik provides fully integrated software products from design to manufacture to machine automation. It's in there.
No sales guy constantly hounding you to upgrade - you're already there!

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"Our goal is to make cabinet software affordable for everyone. Design-to-manufacture software and a cnc router should be as common place as a table saw in today's modern cabinet shop."

Modern. Affordable. Simply Better.