The Mozaik Story Pole


Roger Taylor (Center)2013 AWFSVisionary Award Winner
Larry Cornwell & Roger Taylor1998 IWF Show Challengers Award Winner
One of the most vivid memories I have of my father's cabinet shop is the corner, just to the right of the door, where he kept his story poles. I can still see him with his carpenters pencil in hand, kneeling on the old wooden floor, laying out a run of cabinets on what he called his "cabinet stick". I also remember well the first time I took our original software package home, set up my shiny new XT computer with the amber screen monitor, and showed him the software ... he shook his head in wonder and mumbled about the hours he had wasted ... hard to believe that was over a quarter of a century ago!
This page is our Story Pole. A little about who we are and how we got here.Speaking of story pole, that was the basis of the first algorithm written by Larry Cornwell of Cornwell Automation to layout cabinets for a software product we called Cabinet Vision™. Larry began work on that product in 1981 for Don's Cabinets in Apple Valley, CA. We later changed the company name from Cornwell Automation to match the product name.
Larry and I partnered in that business and built the company throughout the 80s and 90s. We introduced many of the innovations still touted in today's design to manufacture software products. On October 19, 1993 we were issued a US Patent #5,255,207 for cabinet software, many years after our initial filing. This Patent, known as the 207 Patent, was one of the first issued for a software algorithm and has been cited in several rulings over the years.
We qualified as a Challengers Award Finalist in 1988 for our original DOS product. A decade later we would win the award for our second generation product at the 1998 IWF Show. We would go on to sell that company in late 1998 and on January 1st, 1999 I took over as President and CEO of the new company continuing in that capacity until June of 2003.
When I decided to leave the software business I figured it was about time to get a little sawdust in my shoes again ... So, in the summer of 2003, I setup two sister companies, Woodworx and MachineWorx. Over the next few years we built and installed high-end custom cabinets in the local market. It was quite a nice refresher course! We proved out some new assembly techniques and experienced a lot of the same woes expressed by our old cabinet software customers.
During this time, we were also running a full service CNC machinery business supplying CNC routers and other woodworking machines to customers from Florida to Texas and all points in between ... another great learning experience for the creation of Mozaik. We learned quite a bit about CNC routers but we learned even more about what cabinet software should be.
Through the "Worx" years I kept my eye on the status of software in the cabinet industry. As time passed, it became painfully obvious that our original market, the small to mid-size custom shop, was being left behind. So I contacted my old partner and convinced him to help us create an affordable alternative.
My plan included a new software product and a new business model that provides the software as a subscription service. This eliminates the upfront costs and makes it affordable for everyone. Larry came on board in 2007. There was no better software engineer in the business to help us design and create Mozaik than the man who started it all!
Larry was also the son of a cabinetmaker. He began writing software to help his dad's business in the early 1980s. For the next 30 plus years Larry and his keyboard had a tremendous impact on our industry. He lost his battle with cancer in early 2014. He was a friend and colleague for over a quarter century. He will be missed but his legacy will live on in the products he helped create.
My mission for Mozaik Software has always been to create affordable software tools that benefit everyone, from the small shop to the largest factories. Our plan is to make software and a CNC router as common as a table saw in today's cabinet shop.While we are extremely proud of what we have created, we're even more excited about the future!
Thanks for taking the time to consider Mozaik and for reading our story. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.
Roger D TaylorFounder, PresidentMozaik Software

1986 Joined Cornwell Automation.

1988 IWF Challengers Award Finalist

1993 Issued US Patent 5,255,207

1996 Released 2nd generation cabinet software

1998 Won Challengers Award

1999 Sold CV / served as President, CEO of new company for 4+ yrs.

2000 Recommended and assisted with acquisition of Licom Systems.

2001 Recommended and assisted with acquisition of Cabnetware.

2002 Merged all US based operations into Planit Solutions, Inc.

2003 Formed Woodworx, LLC

Formed Machine Worx, LLC

2004 Machine Worx - Omnitech Dealer of the Year

2005 Machine Worx - Omnitech Dealer of the Year

2006 Machine Worx - Omnitech Dealer of the Year

2007 Began developing the Mozaik Optimizer

2008 Formed Mozaik Software, Inc.

Developed Mozaik GCode engine.

2009 Began developing Mozaik cabinet software

2010 Previewed the Mozaik Optimizer at IWF Show

2012 Released Mozaik product line at IWF Show in Atlanta, GA

2013 Won AWFS Visionary Award.

Released Mozaik for Closets.

2014 Began work on Paperless Shop Applications

2015 Released Paperless Shop Apps

Cut - Label - Assemble

2016 Released "The CNC Operator"

2017 AWFS Visionary Award Finalist

2018 Released revolutionary new Door, Panel Ends, and Panel Back sectioning with automatic GCode Tool pathing.

2020 Recognized as Best Software Company of 2020

2121 Recognized as Best Software Company of 2021

Roger Taylor, Owner of Mozaik Software, elected to WMIA Board of Directors

2022 Mozaik Software acquired by Cyncly