The Mozaik Story Pole


Roger Taylor (Center)2013 AWFSVisionary Award Winner

2006 Business model developed for an affordable subscription based software solution.

2007 Mozaik begins developing the Mozaik Optimizer.

2008 Formed Mozaik Software, Inc.

Developed Mozaik GCode engine.

2009 Began developing Mozaik cabinet software

2012 Released Mozaik product line at IWF Show in Atlanta, GA

2013 Won AWFS Visionary Award.

Released Mozaik for Closets.

2014 Began Paperless Shop development

2015 Released Paperless Shop Apps

2016 Released "The CNC Operator"

2017 AWFS Visionary Award Finalist

2020 Recognized as Best Software Company of 2020

2021 Recognized as Best Software Company of 2021

2022 Mozaik Software acquired by Cyncly