Mozaik Design $ 50/mo 
  Mozaik Manufacturing + 25/mo 
  Mozaik Optimizer + 25/mo 
  Mozaik CNC + 25/mo

"The return on your investment is immediate.  Whether you build one kitchen a month or multiple kitchens per day, Mozaik Manufacturing will pay for itself on the first job, every month!"

Detail your jobs on a Tablet PC!

Are you tired of sending a mountain of paper to the shop ... tired of answering endless questions about every job?  

A new Tablet PC could be just the answer you're looking for!  Design and detail all your jobs in Mozaik, then send them to the shop with the new Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps!

We're taking the shop paperless, and we're doing it affordably!

Mozaik Manufacturing only $75/mo.

With all the features of Mozaik Design plus cutting lists, material requirements, labels, and more.  Mozaik Manufacturing will save you time and money.

Mozaik Manufacturing produces accurate cutting lists based on your unique construction methods.  The software is delivered with "ready to run" construction setups streamlined for nested based manufacturing. These can be used out-of-the-box to produce 100% accurate cutlists or they can be quickly modified to your specification.  Create your own construction methods from scratch, fast and easy. 

Build frame or frameless.  

Mozaik Manufacturing comes complete with Face Frame, Frameless, Closet, and AWI Libraries ... modify the joinery in each library to fit your own methods!  Use our Combination Joinery™ to create your ideal construction method.  Quickly change from one method to another. There are no limits.
(To visualize CNC Operations you will need CNC Version.)

All parts are true 3D models of the real parts as illustrated here with the end mortised into the frame. 

Sketchup gives you all the CAD tools to measure and verify your joinery setups before you cut!

The Mozaik Tab Wizard walks you through the detailing process.  From Job start-up to cutlist.  Simply follow the Tabs.
Job layouts are fast and simple.  The way software should be.  Select your settings.  Design your room.  Place items in the room from the Libraries or use Autofill to quickly build your custom cabinets.

Work in Plan or Elevation View.  Change cabinet styles (Frame, Frameless, 32mm, Full Overlay, Inset).  Mix different styles in the same job.  

Quickly modify end types, re-hinge doors, copy, paste ... you are in complete control.

Use the built-in Product Editor to customize your products.  Change size and shape.  Section the face with any combination or doors, drawers, openings, and panels.  Section the cabinet interior with any combination of trays, shelves, and partitions.
Change cabinet hardware, materials, construction settings, door styles.  

Shape cabinets and individual cabinet parts.  

Mozaik gives you complete control over every part.  Use the Product and Part Editors to shape cabinets or individual cabinet parts like shelves or partitions.  

Autobuild Counter Tops and Molding.  Create your own custom molding profiles quickly and easily.

Select the Pricing Tab to view and print Estimating and Job Costing reports.  Setup your own bid methods in minutes.

Mozaik Manufacturing automatically creates and updates your cutting list and material requirements from the design as you work.  Simply click the Cutlist Tab and print your reports.  It's that easy.

Print detailed Assembly Sheets in seconds!

Mozaik also generates your shop drawings, assembly drawings, plan view, birdseye perspective, 3D renderings.

Mozaik creates a reports database for every job.  Use the built-in Templates to view and print enhanced cutlists, pricing information, contracts, proposals and more! This is an open ACCESS database so you can create your own reports as well!

Batch Printing.

Quickly print plans, elevations, cabinets, and assembly sheets for any room, group of cabinets, or the entire job!

Print and size multiple drawings per page!

Use the built-in MultiPrint to size and arrange your printouts in any combination for shop use or to present to your customers.  Add lines and text, add renderings from Mozaik Render, Sketchup, or any other JPG files like your company logo!  Create as many pages as you like!

The individual drawings from the job are automatically saved in DXF format.  In keeping with Mozaik's open architecture, this enables you to easily use those files with other CAD applications capable of importing 2D DXF Files. 

NOTE: to export DXF files for Individual parts with CNC operations you will need the Mozaik CNC Complete Version.

Built-in Order Entry!

Order Entry is also included.  Click on the Order Tab, drag and drop items from the libraries onto the order.  Add items to your design or create a complete order from scratch!  Great for creating door orders!

You have full editing capability, just click on the cabinet and select edit. 

Simple.  The way software should be.


Did we mention Mozaik comes with face frame & frameless cabinet libraries as well as a closet, Library?  Other popular libraries like the AWI Library, Gola LIbrary, and others are available for downlod from the forums as well ... all for no additional costs! 

Customize them so they match your exact construction details!

Now you know what we mean when we say, it's in there!
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