Frequently asked Questions.

1) Which version of Mozaik is right for my business?

Mozaik Manufacturing – Recommended for traditional "non CNC" shops. Mozaik Manufacturing

includes cutting lists and material requirements as well as layout & design capability.

Mozaik Manufacturing plus Optimizer – Add the Optimizer to Mozaik Manufacturing to create cutting patterns for your manual machines (table saws and sliders).

Mozaik CNC Version – Mozaik CNC Complete has all the options built-in. Cabinets, Casework, Closets, its in there. Frame and Frameless Construction - its in there. CNC MDF Doors & CNC Dovetail drawers - they're in there. Nesting, 100% machine ready G-Code, and the Post Processor to link to your CNC Router - it's in there.

Other software vendors will try to lure you in with a cheap stripped down version of their software so they can continually "up-sell" you "more features". Don't be fooled, they are not interested in providing you with affordable software. Their scheme is to hook you so their sales reps can drain you! Be smarter than their sales pitch!

2) What are the system requirements to run Mozaik?

Click here for software and hardware requirements

3) Do I have to pay a "one-time" initial fee before I begin making payments?

No. Mozaik has no upfront costs and no hidden fees.

4) Do I have to pay monthly or can I purchase the software outright?

Our initial purchase option is a 3 month subscription. At the end of the 90 days you will know if the software is right for your business. If so, you can sign up for an annual subscription and continue making the same low monthly payment, or purchase the license outright, or rent it as needed. Your choice. Either way – Mozaik is here to help you decide what is best for your business.

5) Do I have to pay extra for updates like other kitchen cabinet design software?

No, with Mozaik there are no upfront costs and no hidden fees. Software updates are included in the

subscription fee. (Other companies claiming to offer free support actually charge large upfront licensing

fees and/or charge annually for their updates. Their definition of free can be misleading.)

6) Do I have to pay additional every year for support like other cabinet versions?

No, with Mozaik there are no upfront costs and no hidden fees. Your support is included in the

subscription fee. (Software companies with comparable products will charge you over $2000 per year just

for support and then limit the amount they provide!) Get all the facts. Be smarter than their sales pitch.

At Mozaik, we do not charge you upfront for the license, we earn your business month after month. Think

about that.

7) Another software company claims to offer free support and training with no additional fees. Their sales guy said you charge for training. Why?

Glad you asked. The outdated software companies from the floppy disk days are kind of stuck in the past. They are not really providing you with free training, they're charging upfront for it as part of those upfront fees you pay. It is not free, it's prepaid whether you use it or not!

Mozaik is a modern software product and company. We do not charge you upfront for services you

may or may not need as a way of padding our margins. Instead, we offer you FREE online support

services, FREE software updates, FREE Customer Forums, FREE Webinars, FREE Online Videos, and

we also offer one-on-one training for a fee. You pay for what you need, when you need it, and you

keep all that upfront cash!

8) What if I subscribe for a period of time and then want to purchase?

If you subscribe annually to Mozaik and later decide to purchase a perpetual license, a portion of your

continuous subscription fees will be applied to the purchase price! That's right, the purchase price

actually gets lower each year!

9) Can I rent the software or do I have to sign a subscription agreement?

After the initial 90 day subscription, you may choose:

a) to subscribe annually (you can pay your subscription fee monthly, quarterly or annually),

b) to purchase your software license(s),

c) to rent on a monthly basis as needed (rental fees are higher than monthly subscription fees)

If you decide to purchase in the future, rental fees are not applied toward purchase,

d) to walk away without further obligation.

10) Do I need to purchase Sketchup™ Pro for Mozaik?

No, Mozaik™ has 3D modeling software built-in. We do, however, have an interactive link to Sketchup™

that allows our models to be displayed in Sketchup.

11) A sales rep from another software company said I would be paying your fees for life, is that right?

Not necessarily. You can purchase a Mozaik license if you want to invest your money in software.

Also, as noted above, if you subscribe annually a portion of your annual payment is applied toward

purchase. Each year your purchase price is actually decreasing!

Here's what the sales rep is not telling you, if you "purchase" their software you are still going to pay an

annual fee to that company. Whether that fee is for software updates or support services or both, that

company is going to hit you up for money every single year ... for life ... that's after you have paid tens of

thousands up front for the software license. And oh by the way, that rep keeps about 1/2 of every dollar

you spend with them. That tells you all you need to know about their motivation. It's about their money,

not yours.

12) I am thinking of purchasing an older CNC Machine. Will your software link to the machine?

Great question. Most of our post processors are written for newer machines. CNC Routers have been on

the market for decades now ... and machines change over time. If you are purchasing an older machine, it

is a good idea to inquire about the compatibility of the post. Just drop us an email to and we'll be happy to verify it for you.

13) What operating system is required?

Mozaik™ products are designed exclusively for the Windows™ operating system. Click here for a

complete list of system requirements.

14) Will Mozaik run on a MAC or Apple IPad?

No. Mozaik™ products are designed exclusively for the Windows™ operating system. There are

products available for MAC computers that will run Windows™ (bootcamp/parallels). While we do have

customers using these products to run Mozaik™, we do not recommend it. We are not familiar with them,

we do not use them, and therefore can offer no technical assistance if you have issues.

15) What printer is recommended for printing the on demand graphic labels?

Mozaik supports both the Zebra commercial grade printers as well as the off the shelf printers with

Windows print drivers.

No Risk. No Worries.

Subscribe and Pay Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually.
Or buy a perpetual software license.

The choice is yours.