Don't overspend for software!

"Software should be simple to use, easy to setup & maintain, but most importantly, it should be affordable."

Mozaik's AWARD WINNING products are full featured software packages designed to help you grow your business. Don't confuse affordable with limited! This is not entry-level software. You don't have an entry level business, why settle for "entry level" software?

Each design-to-manufacture product offers solutions for cabinets, casework, and closets. You simply subscribe to the product that fits your business.

Mozaik Manufacturing for traditional "non CNC" cabinet shops.

Mozaik Manufacturing Plus Optimize for non CNC shops includes nesting for saws.

Mozaik CNC Version for a complete design-to-manufacture nesting solution.

Mozaik Paperless Shop Tablet Apps for paperless shop automation.

Click our Product List to see all your options. There are no upfront costs, there are no hidden fees. You select the product that's right for your business and pay monthly, quarterly, or annually to use it. We include your online support services, training videos, customer forums, webinars, and updates.

We require all potential customers to subscribe to Mozaik for three (3) months initially. At the end of that period you will know if it's right for your business. If so, you can subscribe annually, rent it monthly when you need it, or purchase a license for the software. The choice is yours. But before you make that long term commitment, we want you to make sure the software is right for your business.

Why? Because unlike the other vendors that take your money upfront, Mozaik is a pay as you go company. Other cabinet software vendors will try to "hook you" with a cheap stripped down version and then continually up sell you until you've invested thousands and thousands. We do not do business that way. At Mozaik we earn your business, month after month, year after year.

Training and proper setup is essential to your success with custom cabinet software. With trainers located throughout North America, we have all the resources you need to assist you. And the best part, we do not charge you for those services unless you need them!

Thank you for your interest in our products. We look forward to working with you ... and earning your business not just your money.

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