We proudly offer the following service options for our customers.

"Your company's most valuable asset is how it is known to its customers."

Brian Tracy

Mozaik™ offers a wide selection of tools and services designed to assist you with your design and detailing needs. We understand software is an integral part of your business and manufacturing process.

Here's a quick overview of the services we provide our customers.

Software Updates

All updates are provided free of charge to current subscribers. Known issues are posted in the help community, updates are always available for download.

Web based Help System

Our customers enjoy a web based help system designed to assist our customers with up to the minute additions to our knowledge base.

Video Training

Our customers also enjoy Free training videos covering a wide range of topics from basic use of the software to advanced automation techniques.

Discussion Forums

Our customers enjoy Free discussion forums to ask questions, post comments, and share ideas with thousands of other Mozaik Customers.

Email Support

Mozaik™ has a built-in email function enabling our customers to send their jobs and questions directly to the help desk. Your job and setup data will go directly to the help desk for a response and it's always free.


Check the Webinar Schedule in the Webinar Forum for a list of upcoming free Webinars. Space is limited and booked on a first come - first served basis. Previous Webinars are posted in the Webinar Forum, Free of charge!

Service for Hire

Online training

We use online meeting software to assist our customers with live internet based training sessions. This service is provided as needed for our customers. Time is billed at $95 per hour, sold in one hour increments, and scheduled in advance. To schedule a meeting simply drop us an email at training@mozaiksoftware.com.

We provide a free one hour "Introduction to setting up Mozaik" session for all Mozaik Manufacturing and Mozaik CNC Complete customers. We also provide a free "Post Integration" session for all Mozaik CNC Complete customers. In addition to these free sessions, most custom cabinet makers will purchase a few additional hours to assist with the software setup. We have trainers throughout North America ready help!

Onsite Training

Select the Onsite Training option and one our Trainers will be happy to visit your shop. Onsite training is available in North America only. The rate for the first day of training is $2500 (includes training and all travel expenses up to $1200US maximum). Additional days of onsite training are billed at $1000/day plus expenses.

Telephone Support

You will find the answers to most questions in the knowledge base or the training videos. If you have a specific question, we recommend you post it on the FREE forum, use the FREE built-in email, or click the FREE Chat Option. If you have an urgent question that needs immediate attention, give us a call. If one of our trainers is available we'll be happy to patch you through. Calls are billed at $95 per incident plus $95/hour for all calls over 60 minutes.

Middleware Software Development

Mozaik™ is delivered with complete libraries for face frame and frameless cabinets, closets and commercial casework. These libraries are setup with sample construction methods and may be used "out of the box" or easily customized to your specification.

It is simple and easy for our customers to change and adapt the settings to their shop's specifications. With the built-in section editor, shape editor, and part editor, you can accomplish almost anything.

The software is also fully parametric and capable of producing things that are "outside of the box" so to speak. We will be happy to assist you with creating those unique items or we can create it for you entirely. This is commonly known as Middleware development, items are estimated at $150/hour. Our staff can assist you with a one off piece (like a furniture hood) or an entire custom library.

Post Processors

Mozaik™ provides our stock post processors free of charge. There is no limit to the number of free posts as long as you own that model of CNC machine.

If you are considering purchasing a machine that is not currently listed on our CNC Links Tab, drop us an email to see if we have it available or if we can create the post for you.

If your machine requires a Custom Post Processor, it will be estimated and billed accordingly.

Click here to check the list of Posts on the Links Tab.

Consultants vs Certified Trainers

The Mozaik brand is growing globally. We now have Mozaik Certified Independent Trainers available to provide training in various markets around the world. These Certified Trainers are independent contractors, officially endorsed and certified by Mozaik Software as capable of providing technical assistance, training, and service for our software products.

If you are approached by anyone offering consulting on Mozaik Software, ask to see his credentials or call our office to verify they are an authorized and certified Mozaik Software Trainer.