The MPS Assembly App™ is easy to use and simple to follow.  The large buttons and arrows allow you to move through the job with ease.
Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps are compatible with Tablet-PCs running Windows® 8 or newer.
MPS Apps are not compatible with Windows®RT, Andriod®, or iOS® operating systems.

The stand alone MPS Label App  as well as the integrated NBM Label option for the Mozaik Optimizer have a similar user interface making it easy to use one or both.  You decide what's best for your business.

If you want touch screen labels printed from inside the Mozaik Optimizer, click here and read about the Mozaik NBM Labels on the CNC Page.

On demand labeling at the saw or CNC.

The Mozaik Paperless Shop Label App™ offers touch screen labels on demand for all your optimized patterns.  Whether you’re cutting parts at the table saw or using the Mozaik CNC Version to run your flat table nested based CNC Router, this easy to use tablet app will make labeling and tracking parts quicker and easier 

than ever before!

Touch the part.  Print the label.   Fast.  Simple.  The way software should be.

Export the job from the Mozaik Optimizer with the click of a button.  The job can be saved to your local area network, a shared folder on your local hard drive, or to a location in the cloud (like Skydrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, ...).  

When viewing a job in the MPS Label App™ all materials and patterns are displayed graphically.  The user interface is designed specifically for tablet PCs making it easy to use for anyone in the shop!

The color coded panels in the VIEW ALL PANELS mode make it easy to see which patterns you have worked on, which parts have been printed, and which patterns remain.  Simply touch the pattern to select it.

NOTE  If you’re running the

CNC Version, a barcode will appear automatically on each sheet in the MPS Label App  so you can scan and load the GCode program for your CNC Router from the Label App.

Effortless ... Paperless.

The large buttons and arrows make it easy to use on any size tablet!  Simply touch the part and print your label complete with graphic!

The parts are color coded as well to make it easy to identify the labels that have been printed (GREEN), the label you have selected (BLUE) and the remaining labels (WHITE).


The Next Part and Previous Part buttons make it easy to select even the smallest parts in the nest!  Just click the Next or Previous button to cycle from one part to the next.

The color coded Job Status screen allows you to visually identify the progress of each job.  Green indicates the job has been completed.  Yellow identifies the job as currently in progress.  New Jobs are shown in White.

The MPS Label App™ supports both DYMO™ and ZEBRA label printers.

Various label sizes and label formats are included with the software.  

Larger labels have a graphic of the part.

click the video for a brief demonstration