The MPS Assembly App™ is easy to use and simple to follow. The large buttons and arrows allow you to move through the job with ease.
Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps are compatible with Tablet-PCs running Windows® 8 or newer.
MPS Apps are not compatible with Windows®RT, Andriod®, or iOS® operating systems.
"Your shop floor employees will learn to use it in minutes!"
Work in inches or mm. Instantly switch back and forth!

MPS CutList App for manual saws.

Are you tired of printing a mountain of paperwork for the shop?

Tired of the endless flow of questions from the shop floor to the office ...

Maybe its time to Go Paperless!

The Mozaik Paperless Shop Cutlist App™ provides a seamless link from the office to the shop floor for all your cutting lists and sub assemblies. This easy to use Tablet App is part of the Paperless Shop series of products designed to improve shop floor communication, accuracy, and productivity.

The MPS Cutlist App™ contains all the cut list items for each job. It also gives the shop floor employees access to the shop drawings, job-site photos, product specifications, and all the other details ... directly from your Mozaik designs.

All the information they need ... no reason to learn cabinet software.

This is the solution you've been waiting for!

Simply export the job from Mozaik and start cutting!

Progress is tracked automatically and the status for the job is update as you work!

Select a job, select the cutlist & start checking off the parts as they're cut.

The user interface is designed specifically for today's Windows compatible Tablet PCs. The large buttons make the touch screen interface fast and easy - even for the smaller tablets! It's so simple, your shop employees will be using the App within minutes!

The MPS Cutlist App™ also makes it easy to assemble your doors, drawer boxes, and frames (for face frame jobs). Each sub assembly has a list of all the parts necessary to assemble each object.

Click the View Image option to see frame assembly drawings complete with dimensions!

Review the drawings created with the job at any time. Click Drawings and use the arrows to quickly review them!

Fast. Simple. Accurate.

The way software should be!

The best part, they can see it ... but they cannot change it!

Your shop floor employees will have access to everything they need right at their finger tips!

All the job details are included. No more questions about reveals, overlays, toe kick heights, dado depths ... it's in there!

The color coded menus make it easy to identify where you are in the job, what has been cut, and what's left to process!

Running your shop just got a lot easier!

All for less than the cost

of a print cartridge!

click the video for a brief demonstration