The MPS Assembly App™ is easy to use and simple to follow. The large buttons and arrows allow you to move through the job with ease.
Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps are compatible with Tablet-PCs running Windows® 8 or newer.
MPS Apps are not compatible with Windows®RT, Andriod®, or iOS® operating systems.

The MPS Assembly App for product assembly.

The questions from the shop floor to the office can seem endless ...

"Where does that trash pullout go again?" ...

"I lost the assembly drawing for this cabinet, can you print me another one" ...

"Hey, which drawer guides did you want in this cabinet" ...

We've all been there. But worse, what if you're not there to answer those questions?

Things can grind to a halt in a hurry!

Not anymore.

Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps™ and a Tablet PC are changing the way our customers communicate and interact with the shop floor. Now, the questions are answered before they're asked!

This interactive App has all the information necessary to assemble every product on the job. Without questions, without debate, without errors!

From cutting lists, to hardware, to accessories ... it's in there!

Simply touch the job and select the Assembly App.

Tap the screen to work with any of the views full screen. Use the interactive 3D Viewer to rotate the view to any perspective. Use the tablet PC's built-in pinch to zoom to see details up close.

As you finish assembling each product, simply touch the Complete button The color coded status screens will update automatically as you work!

Mozaik Paperless Shop Assembly App™

We're taking the shop paperless ... for less than the price of print cartridge!

The color coded MPS Shop App™ status screens are updated automatically as you work!

The Assembly App status screen and the Main Job screen are both updated simultaneously.

You'll wonder how you ever built cabinets without it!

Fast. Easy.

You can work with a complete parts list, or perhaps you only want to see the case parts, then the doors, etc ... It's all available at the touch of a button.

The split screen mode allows you to mix any view with any list!

Every View, every detail ...

... questions answered!

All openings are labeled in all orthographic views. Those labels are also displayed in the appropriate lists. This makes it easy to match the doors, drawers, hardware, etc... to the proper cabinet and opening!

Everything you need at your finger tips!

Not only do you have assembly drawings of each product, you also have access to all shop drawings and even the renderings created with the job!

Simply touch the Pictures button and select the photo to view!

If you take job-site photos and save them with your jobs in Mozaik, those are also exported automatically to the Assembly App with each job.

Click the video for a short demonstration