Paperless Shop™ Tablet Apps are available to current Mozaik Manufacturing and Mozaik CNC subscription holders only.

Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps are compatible with Tablet-PCs running Windows® 10 or newer.
The Label App requires The Mozaik Optimizer to produce touchscreen labels for optimized sheets. MPS Apps are not compatible with Andriod®, or Apple iOS® operating systems.

Mozaik Paperless Shop Bundle

Are you tired of sending mountains of paper to the shop only to be interrupted time and again with yet more questions about the job? Have you ever thought "there has to be a better way"?

Now there is!

The Mozaik Paperless Shop Tablet Apps™.

The power and simplicity of these tablet apps will dramatically improve your cabinet shop's communication, productivity, and accuracy! Using the MPS Apps™ will completely change the way you run your shop.

Communicating all those cutting and assembly details to the shop floor just became a lot easier ...

All for less than the cost of a print cartridge!

After the job is created in Mozaik™ the information can be quickly exported to the Apps. Exporting to a shared folder on your hard drive, a folder on your local area network, or to the Cloud makes it easy to access the jobs from any or all of the tablet PCs being used in the shop.

The monthly subscription fee includes all three apps and can be installed on up to 12 devices! All for one low monthly fee!

Consider the benefits of each app.

The Mozaik Paperless Shop Cutlist App™

The MPS Cutlist App™ contains every part for each job along with all shop drawings and product specifications. This simple tablet app makes it easy to cut your doors, drawer boxes, frames, case parts, and other sub-assemblies. The parts are checked off as you go and the status is updated automatically. The color coded menus make it easy to identify where you are and what’s next! Requires a current subscription to Mozaik™ Manufacturing or the Mozaik™ CNC Version.

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The Mozaik Paperless Shop Label App™

The MPS Label App™ makes labeling your nested sheets quick and easy. Using your tablet, simply select the sheet, touch the part, and print your label complete with graphic! The color coded App makes it easy to identify which labels have been printed and which sheets have been completed! Requires a current subscription to the Mozaik™ Optimizer or the Mozaik™ CNC Version.

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The Mozaik Paperless Shop Assembly App™

The MPS Assembly App™ contains a complete list of all items necessary to assemble each product in the job, from cutlists, to hardware, to accessories. The interactive drawings make it easy to visualize the assembly and identify all the vital assembly information that just cannot be delivered in a stack of paper. Requires a current subscription to Mozaik™ Manufacturing or the Mozaik™ CNC Version.

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All Apps for one low fee!

Run each MPS App™ on separate tablet PCs or subscribe to the bundle and install them all on one. The Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps™ main menu displays the status of each job in each app. Plus, you received a discount if you bundle!