Mozaik Design only $50/mo.

Mozaik Design $50/mo
Layout and design software for custom cabinets and closets.
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Mozaik™ and a Tablet PC.

All the convenience of a Tablet, all the power of a PC in one device! Just install Mozaik on your new Tablet-PC and take your show(room) on the road!

Smart. Simple. Affordable.

Design and price your jobs onsite. Verify field measurements, jot down important notes, take job-site photos ... then email the job to the shop for seamless integration into production ... or export your work to the Cloud so your colleagues can access it from anywhere.

The competitors cannot “touch” the power or flexibility of Mozaik … but now you can!

Mozaik™ Design gives you the tools you need to design and detail all your jobs with ease, from custom cabinets to closets to intricate casework.
Mozaik™ Design integrates seamlessly with Sketchup™ opening up a world of design possibilities. Install Mozaik™ on a Tablet PC and take the design process on the road! Whether running a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC - Mozaik™ is the right tool for the job.
Mozaik™ makes the design process fast and easy. Our unique Tab Wizards walk you through the process effortlessly.
Design in plan and elevation views. Use Frame, Frameless, Inset, and Full Overlay cabinet styles in the same design. Mix and match cabinets from different libraries. Mozaik Design comes complete with Frame, Frameless, Closet, and AWI Libraries. Create your own door and drawer styles, add hardware with specification documents, select your materials and textures.

Quickly add counter tops and moldings to your designs. Create custom molding profiles.You have complete control over every aspect of the design process. No limitations, no one hassling you to upgrade.
Autofill functions allow you to quickly fill a space, a wall, or an entire room with library or custom cabinets. Use the Product Editor to shape and section cabinets as desired.

Add shelves, partitions, trays, and other items to each product. Shape individual parts as necessary. Create detailed product and part drawings.

Use Multi-Print to print all plans, elevations, and cabinets from the job in one quick command or arrange and size the drawings per page for your customers! Add photographic renderings from Sketchup. Mozaik Render, or any other JPG file, like your company logo!

Mozaik™ Design automatically creates wall elevation drawings, detailed plan view, birdseye perspective, 3D views, estimates, and order list.

Plug and Play

One of the best features of modern software is that it automatically takes advantage of advances in technology! A new Tablet PC, running Microsoft Windows™ Pro or Home Edition, is a perfect example. Just install Mozaik and you immediately receive all the benefits of this powerful new tool! We didn't need to create anything new and you don’t have to pay anything extra for yet another program feature. Just plug and play!

Whether you’re running a desktop, laptop, touchscreen, or Tablet PC ... Mozaik™ is the right tool for the job!

Onsite Sales Presentations

Meet with your clients onsite, quickly design the job, download the customer's appliances from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse, price the job,

and close the sale!

Designing and detailing was never easier!

Mozaik™ gives you the tools to design and detail all your jobs, the Tablet-PC makes it easier than ever!

Email your jobs to shop or save them to the Cloud

Use the built-in email feature in Mozaik™ to email the job back to the office to seamlessly integrate with production or export the job files in the Cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere! Mozaik™ allows you to take advantage of modern technology for fast, simple, affordable processing.