Mozaik announces link to Laguna Tools CNC Routers


DATE: June 2012


Mozaik Software announces a new link between the Mozaik CNC Version and the full line of Laguna Tools CNC Routers.

“We're excited about the opportunity to work with RouterBob, Steve, Torben, and the other fine folks at Laguna Tools. We have been very impressed with the full line of routers available from Laguna and their commitment to supplying quality machines at an affordable price.”

Roger Taylor

Mozaik Software

"Mozaik Software has succeeded in making state-of-the-art cabinet design software affordable for virtually any cabinet shop, at any level of technology. This is going to change the industry."

Torben Helshoj


Laguna Tools.

"The guys at Mozaik Software have done a fantastic job putting together a robust cabinet design package with a feature set equal to (or better) than the very best in the industry. But the most exciting part is that the traditional "front end" capital cost for cabinet design software has been eliminated. The software component of running a cabinet shop business now simply becomes a monthly expense item, that always includes the latest updates. This is going to make it much easier for cabinet shops to update their technology and this is great for the industry."

Robert Alsup

CNC Product Manager

Laguna Tools

Editor’s Note:

For further information please call Mozaik Software, Inc. 619.752.5910

For further information on the full line of Laguna Tools CNC Routers call 800.234.1976

Mozaik is a trademark of Mozaik Software, Inc.

Laguna is a trademark of Laguna Tools.