CNC Router Links

Other post processors available!                       

This is not a complete list.  If you don't see your machine listed here drop us an email to see if a post has been created.
If you are thinking of purchasing an machine not on this list, email us at to ensure our current post processors will support that model year or to see if a post can be created for the machine. Please attach a working GCode file. Please allow up to two weeks if your custom post requires editing. 


  Advanced Machinery




  Alpha CNC




  APE - Automated Precision Equipment


  Asia Robotica

  Automation Technologies

  Avid CNC



  Baytech CNC






  Buesellato - (check post availability for your machine model)

  BuildYourCNC (Linux)


  CAMTech (WinCNC)






  ChenCan DSP


  CNC Dynamics

  CNC Experts

  CNC Factory

  CNC Mogul

  CNC Planet

  CNC Router Parts

  CNC Shark

  CNC Systems


  Concept CNC



  CWI (Canadian Woodworker)









  Fabricate America

  Fab Motion



  FGP Solutions



  Freedom Machine Tool


  Gerber - Centroid


  Gryphon CNC










  Homag Canada

  Hytech Tools

  Industrial CNC


  Jinan ACCTEK

  Jinan Blue Elephant

  Jinan Day Max

  Jinan Dexian Machinery

  Jinan FineCut

  Jinan FIRM CNC


  Jinan Hongye

  Jinan JCut

  Jinan Jinshengxing

  Jinan Lifan

  Jinan Philicam

  Jinan Robotec

  Jinan Senke

  Jinan Star CNC

  Jinan Sudaio

  Jinan Suke

  Jinan Superstar

  Jinan Zhongke








  LDR Motion Systems







  Lynx - Shanlong


  Machine Tool Camp

  Mantec - Syntec









  Motion Master











  PhiliCAM (Jinan Lifan)


  Practical CNC




  Roctech CNC


  Router Parts Pro














  StepCraft UCCNC


  Style CNC


















Part of our mission is to make software and a CNC Router as commonplace as a table saw in the modern cabinet shop.  To that end, Mozaik offers all stock post processors at no charge to our customers. Post integration is handled online with one of our CNC Technicians.  We provide the first hour at no charge. Additional post integration is billed at $95/hour.  This is a service we proudly provide to our customers and our machinery partners.