Field Measurement Application - Free to Mozaik customers! 
  Field Measurement App  Free 
  Mozaik Design $ 50/mo 
  Mozaik Manufacturing + 25/mo 
  Mozaik Optimizer + 25/mo 
  Mozaik CNC + 25/mo
This product has been discontinued.

The Free Field Measurement App will allow you to gather your job site information for job layout.  This information can be sent electronically to Mozaik™ for automatic room design.

This Free App keeps your job site information neat and organized and helps you remember all the little details.  Additional trips to the job site cost time and money.  The Free FMA™ by Mozaik™ helps eliminate those trips.

Select the room type or draw the walls, enter wall sizes, appliance and fixture locations, window & door locations, as well as plumbing and electrical.  Use the ruler to measure and locate items.

Layout multiple rooms per job; from kitchens to bathrooms, to closets, family rooms and more ... gather all your job site data for the entire job, then email it to the office for seamless integration into your Mozaik Design, Mozaik™ Manufacturing, or Mozaik CNC software!

Print your plans, elevations, and Job Site Data report.  

Take digital photos using your Tablet, Smart Phone, or digital camera and store them with the job.  Photos remain linked to the job throughout the detailing process.

Smart.  Fast.  Simple.  Free.

Designed for Tablets running Windows™ Version 8 Pro or Windows Version 8 Home.

Current Mozaik customers, just send us an email to to get your FREE download link.

Mozaik Software products are compatible with PCs running Windows 7 or Windows 8 as well as Tablet-PCs running Windows 8 (home) or Windows 8 Pro.

Mozaik Software products are not compatible with Windows-RT, Andriod, or iOS operating systems.