Compare the basic features of each Mozaik™ product.  Choose the software that's right for your business.
As your business changes, simply upgrade or downgrade to the product that best fits your needs. 

Free Web based Support Community
Free Web based Help
Free Web based Training Videos
Free Email Support
Free Product Forms
Free Internet Support Chat
Free Product Updates
Free Manual Field Measurement Report  
Integrated Field Measurement Tab Wizard for Fast Layout  
Work in Millimeters or Inches
Add Comments and Other Notes to Job  
Store Specification Drawings per Product and per Job  
Create Unlimited Catalogs (Materials, Products, Hardware, Doors & Drawers)  
Store Specification Drawings with Hardware  
Supplied with Construction Settings Optimized for Nested Flat-Panel Processing  
Customize Face, Toe, Case Settings  
Create and Modify Unlimited Joinery Settings    
Room Design  
  Select Cabinet Interior and Exterior Textures  
  Select and Modify Room Textures (Walls, Floors, Tops, Appliances, …)  
  Add, Place & Size Walls  
  Add Peninsula Walls and Islands  
  Add T-Walls  
  Place and Size Windows and Doors  
  Place and Modify Plumbing Locations  
  Place and Modify Electrical Locations  
Unlimited Rooms per Job  
Design in Plan and Elevation View  
Copy Paste & Place Products  
Zoom In, Zoom Out & Pan With Scroll Wheel  
Object Snapping  
Create Temporary Measurements using Built-in Ruler  
Customize Drawing Settings for Labels and Dimensions  
Auto-Fill Custom Cabinets  
Auto-Fill Cabinets from Library  
Mix Stock, Custom, Semi-Custom, Frame, and Frameless Styles  
Autobuild Counter Tops  
Layout and Design Counter Tops  
Autobuild Moldings (Ceiling, Crown, Under Cabinet Lightrail, Chair rail, Baseboard)  
Create your own Molding Profiles  
Create Renderings using Sketchup™  
Product Design  
  Shape Cabinets  
  Modify End Types   
  Create Cabinets with Multiple Faces  
  Graphically Modify Cabinet Face and Interior Sectioning  
  Select Cabinet Type (Frame, Frameless, 32mm, Inset, Full Overlay)  
  Change Sizes  
  Change Hinging  
  Modify Pricing  
  Modify Part Size & Position  
  Shape Parts  
  Parametric Part Control   
  Override Product Parameters per cabinet  
  Add/modify cabinet options per cabinet  
Order Entry  
View Products and Rooms in Sketchup™  
Save Changes made in Sketchup™  
Automatically update Sketchup™ Models with changes made in Mozaik  
Use Interactive Sketchup™ Modeling and CAD  
Add Models from Sketchup™ 3D Warehouse  
Perspective Views, Plan Views, Birdseye View, Elevation Views  
Wire Frame, X-Ray, Hidden line, Filled, and Textured Renderings  
Add Lighting and Shadows  
Add Image Textures  
Elevation Cross Sections  
Plan Cross Sections  
Part Views  
Wall Elevation Shop Drawings  
Remove Doors, Drawers, other parts for Viewing  
Job Costing  
Price by Cabinet, by Room, by Job  
Price Add-Ons  
Price Molding  
Add Markups  
Estimate Labor  
Email Jobs   
Email Interactive Sketchup™ Models of Job  
Print Cabinet Labels  
Print Multiple Drawings per Page   
Print Part Labels    
General Cut List Information     
Create and Print Product Assembly Sheets Automatically  
Board/Panel Stock, Door, Drawer, Roll Out, & Face Frame Cut List     
Print Reports from Crystal Reports Viewer, Microsoft Word and Excel   
Door, Drawer Box, & Roll Out List Report     
Door, Drawer Box, & Roll Out Check List     
Define Assembly/Drawer/Roll Out Construction Methods    
Edit Part Operations  
Track Remnants    
Optimize Multiple Sheet Sizes of Same Material in Same Job    
Rectangular Optimization    
True Shape Nesting    
Import & Export Parts    
*Exclusive Pick-a-Pattern Technology    
Move, Cut, Paste Parts on Sheet    
Add Sheets to Run    
Square Off Fall    
Remake Sheets    
Visually Validate Parts, Nested Sheets, and Part Operations in Sketchup™    
Dimension Parts, Measure Tolerances, Create Custom Assembly Instructions     
Export Layered DXF Files    
Create Batch G-Code in seconds      
Create Single Sheet and Single Tool G-Code Files      
*Exclusive ECO-Nest Manual Hold Down Technology      
View Real-time Machine Toolpath Statistics      
Simulate G-Code      
View/Edit G-Code Files      
Intelligent Small Part Handling (including *Exclusive Full Sheet Skinning & Smart Tabs)    
Custom Spoilboard Programs Created as Needed      
Test Patterns Created for Each Post      
Enter Load / Unload Position - Machine Automatically Parks After Each Sheet      
Setup Unlimited CNC Machines      
Enter Custom CNC Tooling, Control All Parameters      
Automatic G-Code Limit Scanning      
Single Tool, Tool Sets, Multi-Carousel Support      
Edit Post Processor using Simple Text Editor      
Free Post Processor for All Supported CNC Machines (Custom Posts also Available)      
Dovetail Drawers for CNC      
MDF Doors for CNC      
Exports to Paperless Shop