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DATE:  December 2012


Mozaik Software quickly adds post processors for a variety of CNC Router manufacturers.

Mozaik now has links to machines for customers using Anderson, CAMaster, Komo, Laguna, Limtech, MultiCAM, Omnitech, Precix, SCM, Shopbot, ShopSabre, and Techno CNC routers.  We have also created several links to other CNC Routers using Fanuc, WinCNC, Mach3 and Syntec controls.  Links are currently in production for Biesse, Freedom Machine Tool and Weeke.

“We made contact with several of the CNC Router manufacturers prior to Atlanta and several others at the IWF Show this past summer.  That helped us get a head start on the links for a lot of the CNC Routers sold today.  We really did not expect the worldwide sales of the software to grow so quickly.  We have already linked to over 50 different models of CNC Routers from over a dozen vendors worldwide.  So far customers receiving new machines have had the software and post well ahead of the machine delivery.  Customers with existing machines are only waiting a few days for their link to be up and running.  We’re very grateful to our customers for their patronage and to the machinery manufacturers for their support.”  

Roger Taylor
Mozaik Software

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