Mozaik announces link to Limtech Industries CNC Routers

DATE: August 2012


Mozaik Software announces link to Limtech CNC Routers

Mozaik Software, Inc is pleased to announce the development of a post to connect our CNC Version to Limtech Industries CNC Routers.

“I have worked with Jack for many years; we’re really pleased he has come on board to link his machines with Mozaik CNC.  We look forward to working with Limtech and supporting their customers.”  

Roger Taylor
Mozaik Software

“Just as I had almost given up hope for an affordable software solution for our industry, Mozaik Software has done it! We all know what a design cad/cam software is and the functionalities are similar from one to the next. Mozaik Software not only provides all the features and functionalities in its simplest form for first time and experienced users, but it totally eliminates the cost factor from the equation in the buyers’ mind!  This is the single most important factor that other software companies are unable or unwilling to remove from their equation. On behalf of our customers and future users, thank you for your ingenuity and genuine desire to help our customers succeed!” 

Jack Lim
Limtech Industries

Editor’s Note:
For further information please call Mozaik Software, Inc.  619.752.5910
For further information on Limtech Industries please call Limtech 704.200.9964

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Limtech is a trademark of Limtech Industries.