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DATE:  November 2012


Mozaik Software announces link to CAMaster CNC Routers

Mozaik Software, Inc releases post to connect Mozaik CNC Complete to CAMaster CNC Routers.

“We became aware of CAMaster during our research of affordably priced CNC Routers.  They manufacture a quality machine and they know how to help their customers’ succeed.  We look forward to working with the CAMaster team.”

Roger Taylor

Mozaik Software

“Looks like a great program.  We are very pleased with the product and the pricing.  We are looking forward to offering Mozaik to our customers.”

Joey Jarrard

CAMaster CNC Inc.

Editor’s Note:

For further information please call Mozaik Software, Inc.  619.752.5910

For further information on CAMaster CNC Inc please call 866.405.7688

Mozaik is a trademark of Mozaik Software, Inc.

CAMaster is a trademark of CAMaster CNC Inc.