Mozaik Software, LLC
2727 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, AL  35401


June 2015
Mozaik becomes dealer for ArielVision Software by RenderPlus

Tuscaloosa, AL.

Mozaik Software uses Sketchup as a viewer for 3D graphics.  RenderPlus offers rendering options for Sketchup.

“We researched the market to find a rendering plugin that was best suited for our clients.  After testing over a dozen systems, we found ArielVision fits the bill perfectly.  It fits in well with our mission to provide affordable software solutions to our industry.  And it’s very simple to use.  Once you have your view selected you’re only a click away from enhancing the model to near photo quality”, says Roger Taylor – President of Mozaik Software.  

According to Al Hart, President of Render Plus Systems, "ArielVision is an ideal rendering solution for Mozaik and will provide their customers with high quality images of their layouts.  ArielVision renderings include sophisticated features including reflections, natural and artificial lighting, and a user friendly approach for setting material finishes.  We think this fits in perfectly with Mozaik’s fast and friendly design to manufacture products for the woodworking industry."

Taylor concludes, “After referring our customers directly to RenderPlus for almost three years, we decided it was time to become a dealer so we can better promote ArielVision to our customers.  And we can pass along a discounted price – which is always nice”.