Mozaik Design $ 50/mo 
  Mozaik Manufacturing  + 25/mo 
  Mozaik Optimizer + 25/mo 
  Mozaik CNC Complete +25/mo 

Mozaik Software products are compatible with Tablet-PCs running Windows 8 Pro
or Windows 8 (Home).

Mozaik Software products are not compatible with Windows-RT, Andriod, or iOS operating systems.

Plug and Play

One of the best features of modern software is that it automatically takes advantage of advances in technology!  A new Tablet PC, running Microsoft Windows Pro or Home Edition, is a perfect example.  Just install Mozaik and you immediately receive all the benefits of this powerful new tool! We didn't need to create anything new and you don’t have to pay anything extra for yet another program feature.  Just plug and play!  

Whether you’re running a desktop, laptop, touchscreen, or Tablet PC ... Mozaik is the right tool for the job!

Onsite Sales Presentations

Meet with your clients onsite, quickly design the job, download the customer's appliances from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse, price the job, 
and close the sale! 

Designing and detailing was never easier!

Mozaik gives you the tools to design and detail all your jobs, the Tablet-PC makes it easier than ever!

Email your jobs to shop or save them to the Cloud

Use the built-in email feature in Mozaik to email the job back to the office to seamlessly integrate with production or export the job files in the Cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere!  Mozaik allows you to take advantage of modern technology for fast, simple, affordable processing.

Make your shop paperless 

Are you tired of sending a stack of paper to the shop with every job only to be faced with endless questions about every little detail?
Sometimes you just need to see what's inside and how it goes together!

Mozaik on a new Tablet PC could be just the answer you're looking for! Load your jobs onto the tablet and send it to the shop for production!

Now your shop guys can easily view cutting lists, cabinet details, floor plans, elevations, 3D models, detail part drawings, and even job-site photos saved with the job!

Real-time Nesting

Take your paperless shop to the next level.  Ever need to remake a part at the CNC? Ever wish you could add an operation to a part in the nest before you machine it?  Ever need to add another hinge to a nested door that was left off in the office?

There are lots of reasons to wish you had affordable, easy to use CNC software running live at the router!  A Tablet PC makes it possible, Mozaik software makes it a reality!

Not only does this Award Winning combination make it seamless to transfer your jobs from the office to the machine but it also puts you in control of the manufacturing process in real-time.

Break a bit & need to replace it with a different size ... no problem, select the new tool in the CNC Tooling Library, click the G-Code Button and keep your machine running!

The way a screen and a machine were meant to communicate!

Standard Tablet PC Features

The competitors cannot “touch” the power or flexibility of Mozaik … but now you can!  Install Mozaik on a new touchscreen Tablet PC with Windows™ Pro (or Home) and enjoy the built-in features of this award winning combination!

Use the Touch Screen "pinch to zoom".

Use the stylus pen or your finger to draw walls, make selections, run any of Mozaik’s built-in features!

Use the stylus or your finger to name jobs, take notes, or enter any data!  Write in wall lengths, cabinet widths, any dimension. 

 Character recognition software instantly converts your handwriting to text!

Use the built-in Tablet camera to take job-site pictures & store them with them job.