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Complete CNC Software for Cabinets AND Closets 
only $125/mo

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Fast – Simple Design.

Mozaik now comes with a "ready to use" closet library!  Advanced closet functionality has been added to our Award Winning Software to make it easy to expand and enhance the closet library or create your own.

Other software vendors charge extra for closet design capability.  Why? Because they can ... Cabinetmakers and closet designers now have an affordable solution for the entire house; from kitchen cabinets to family rooms; from laundry rooms to garage cabinets; from bathrooms to closets ... Mozaik offers one solution!  Why pay more?

And, as always, there are no upfront costs and no hidden fees.

Mozaik Closet Library

Quickly Layout and Design virtually any closet configuration using the built-in Mozaik Closet Library! 
Add common closet components from the library like short-hangs, double-hangs, long-hangs, bridge shelves, corner shelves, shoe cubbies, ... 

Add Graphic Inserts with machining details!

Add specialty items like wire baskets, hampers, trash pullouts, jewelry drawer, pant racks, tie racks, angled shelves,..  These items can be setup to automatically transfer CNC machining operations directly onto the adjacent panels!  Eliminate those costly mistakes and added installation details ... you have your CNC machine, lets put it to work!

Change Finish Colors

Click on the Settings Tab and quickly change materials per closet to help up sell the job!
Quickly create all your specialty items; like soffet storage, angled shoe shelves, closet islands, benches, cubbies, glass door units, and more!  You can mix and match from your Face Frame Library, your Frameless Library, and our new Closet Library all within the same design!

Machine ready with popular KD assembly types.

The Mozaik Closet Library has been designed to work with popular knockdown assembly methods.  The library is setup and ready to machine on a flatbed CNC Router using Rafix fasteners.  Assembly methods can be easily adjusted to your specification!

Trueshape Nesting is built-in to Mozaik CNC Complete!

Since closets are just another function of Mozaik, you get the benefit of all Mozaik's build-in features, including TrueShape Nesting.

100% Machine Ready G-Code!

Simulate the tool-paths.  Generate the G-Code.  View the code right from the optimizer!


It's in there!

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 Trueshape Nesting
 100% Machine Ready G-Code
 Online Video Training included
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No Upfront Costs.
No Hidden Fees.