What do we mean when we talk about friendly software?

Friendly Software.  What does that mean?  

Think about these questions:

  Does the software behave the way you expected?
  Does it have common user interface functions you're accustomed to?
  Can you accomplish your everyday tasks fast and easy?
  Does the screen layout make sense?
    Or, does it look like it was designed for engineers?
  Does the job flow make sense? 

Friendly Software is akin to open architecture but for the user.  

Makes sense.  It's your data, why not let you use it as much as possible to your advantage.  It's about how well the software interacts with other packages ...  want to copy and paste from Mozaik into Excel, no problem ... want to edit your Post Processor with Notepad or any other text editor, no problem ...  want to export your data in a CSV file and merge it with other software, no problem ... want to import and export DXF files with other software, no problem ...  want to share your models with your clients, no problem.  

Mozaik plays well with others!

Being Friendly Software is also about focusing on what you do best and allowing others to supply the rest.  You cannot anticipate every feature a customer may need, instead Mozaik is designed to do what we do well and let you use other tools for the rest.

Mozaik Software made a conscience decision early on to strive to be the ultimate combination of automatic and manual processing.  We keep the everyday tasks fast and simple and give you the tools to make the complex projects possible.
With Mozaik's friendly software approach, you are going to save money and use tools you are already familiar with to get the job done right.  In less time. With fewer headaches.

Fast. Simple.  The way software should be.  That's Friendly Software.