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"14 years I used KCD, wish I switched years ago. The price alone is worth it, then throw in the "Free" upgrades to the latest software. the user forums are great...  Can't say enough about Moziak.
Blaine H.
Mozaik customer since August 2016

"I have used Cabinet Pro a little bit, KCD for a while. rented Mozaik for a trial run (maybe 6 years ago?) Looked into Microvellum but decided to go with Cabinet Vision and got a CNC 4 years later. I am now fully running Mozaik, no other cabinet software.  I'd be willing to share my opinion as to why I switched to Mozaik!"
Robert K.
Mozaik customer since July 2013

"I switched to Mozaik when we went cnc after about 20 years with Cabinet Solutions. There's no comparison, and the support has been amazing!!  I'd be happy to recommend Mozaik."
Chuck C.
Mozaik customer since Feb 2014

"I used KCD for 14 years prior to coming over to Mozaik and made the switch after getting a CNC in the shop.  Extremely pleased to say the least!  I would be more than happy to be a reference to any potential Mozaik customer."
Bruce T.
Mozaik customer since April 2018

"I have already recommended Mozaik to quite a few shops locally and have posted on websites as well.  I used cabnetware since 1997, adding cnc link and optimizer in 1999 ... when I purchased a new router about 1 1/2 years ago I decided to give Mozaik a try and have never looked back. I always thought that I would find a unicorn before I found any software program that I would say I was truly satisfied with. The only draw back is that I have to admit (finally) that I may have been wrong.  I don't even have to say keep up the good work, you proved that is a given.  The only problem is that when we "brag" about just how good the software is we come across like salesmen, and everyone knows just how hard it is to get an "honest" review of any product these days."
Douglas C.
Mozaik customer since July 2017

"I wish all companies were like Mozaik.   Your software and customer service are impeccable."
Bill J.
Mozaik Customer since August 2017

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to write something about the AWESOME program and AWESOME support team for the program that you guys and gals have developed! Yesterday I had an issue that had me dead in the water for my next job, I sent it to the help desk and within 30 minutes Mozaik had it resolved. It turned out to be a problem with my computer on my end, but it didn't really matter what the problem was, I just needed it fixed, and ASAP, the team at Mozaik got it done so I could keep going in the shop!  I can't express how much that means to me and my business to have that kind of support, and to be treated as an individual and not a number!  Thank you!"
Mike L.
Mozaik customer since July 2013

"The amount of care Mozaik seems to have in not only being a highly capable program, but also in making all their users more knowledgeable of features within the software is amazing to me. When sending questions to the help desk they are always responsive, timely, and very clear with their answers.  My old cabinet design software wanted $500 anytime I called in order to answer any questions, regardless of how easy it might be for them to answer. I'm very impressed with not only the power and ease of use of the program itself but also the level of customer/tech support to go along with it. I wish I had been using Mozaik sooner."
Tyler S.
Mozaik customer since August 2017

"Just sending a note (please pass this on), the guys who do the online training do such an excellent job at explaining and are so helpful with the software. For us guys who it takes extra time to learn it and need extra help, it nice knowing that the product has top notch support."
Steward H.
Mozaik Customer since December 2018

"We are a small shop, but at any level of production I think the CNC Operator is a must. It saves time at the machine not having to run back and forth to the office to do corrections, remakes or whatever is needed.  Everything is done right at the machine.  It is a good value as it also includes the labeling module, which we couldn’t live without."
Bruce T.
Mozaik Customer since April 2018

"I’ve been using Mozaiksoftware for several years now and am very happy with it. I do a mix of residential and commercial cabinets / Millwork and it works well for both. The fact that it goes from an approved drawings all the way to CNC fabrication is a great time saver. I did take about 6 or 8 hours of online training with them which has long since paid for itself. They helped me set up my construction methods (blind dado) and if I have a question their online forum is a great resource. I am at the verge of switching over to dowel construction ... they have that set up for me also. Upgrading to Mozaik was well worth the time and effort. It was the next logical move for me and allowed me to speed up my production as well as provide customer and shop drawings."
Brian C.
Mozaik Customer since Jan 2013

"A few decades of wishing my software could do this or do that and now with Mozaik 7.1 I'm just like this software does everything I need and from this point on it's all a bonus.  The best thing that ever happened to my business was six years ago after I purchased my first cnc and in my search for a software to replace the KCD I had been using for nearly 15 years I came across an obscure video from RouterBob showing a new program called Mozaik...  It was like an epiphany as Mozaik was the first software that seemed to understand me and what I needed... Thanks Roger and the Mozaik team for all you do."
D. Jahnz
Mozaik customer since Nov 2012

"I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to you and your team for creating a really great software with Mozaik. I really mean that. I used CV for the better part of 15 years off and on, and I NEVER enjoyed using it like I do Mozaik. Your choice of trainers (the fact that they're cabinet guys as much as they are software guys -- MUY IMPORTANTE!), the fact that Mozaik actually works, it's easy to understand, and I could literally go on and on. Matter-of-fact, I'm still getting used to cabinet software that just works ... if you've never been a CV user, you won't know what I mean!
What you've given me, what you've given all of us, is truly amazing! My fledgling little business would not be operating at the level it is today without your software.  I would never go back to CV again, heck I literally and figuratively can't afford to...furthermore, if I could afford to, why would I? Nuff said."
Matt V.
Mozaik customer since June 2018

"I switched to Mozaik about a year and a half ago ... Downloaded Mozaik on Friday and was cutting cabinets on Saturday."
Douglas C.
Mozaik customer since May 2016

"I'm completely blown away by the level of support and regularity of both small and large updates for this software.  Cant wait to try out V7".
John F,
Mozaik customer since November 2017

"I wish I had Mozaik 5 years ago. I probably would have gotten my CNC 4 years ago, instead of this year. Never dreamed my shop could run so efficiently. There hasn’t been anything Mozaik and my CNC couldn’t make yet."
Geoff G.
Mozaik Customer since November 2017

"It took me a day or so to learn how to design on (our old software) because it doesn’t do much. Mozaik takes a little longer to learn because it does so much more. My buddy and I both used (that other  software) and both of us have switched to Mozaik and have CNC routers on order.  We both agree that between the CNC machines and Mozaik software it’s going to put our business on a whole new level."
Michael F.
Mozaik customer since May 2018

"Hi Roger, There is a contractor in Ventura California will be calling your office for moving from (his current software) to Mozaik. I met with him last week and showed him some cool stuff Mozaik can do. This will be the Fourth customer I bring to Mozaik, This is the least I can do to show my great appreciation for providing such great product. Thank you." 
Akram A.
Mozaik customer since May 2014

"I use Mozaik everyday. I like the program. It produces quick gcode and printed cut lists and labels. In my opinion, the initial subscription is a very cheap investment to find out if a product will work for you. Is spending 20k and then finding out the software doesn't work for you a good idea? All Mozaik software updates are free, good technical support online is free. it's been great for me for the almost 3 years I've used it."
Chris V.
Mozaik Customer since October 2015

"Just wanted to give you 2 thumbs up with the newest update! I'm loving the changes to the 3d viewer!  I just finished up my first big job (121 sheets) for a Hilton Hotel and Mozaik kicked butt! The learning curve has been great too. Keep up the great work!  Thank you for everything!"
Jason H.
Mozaik Customer since July 2017

"...Thanks for your follow up but we're still in no need of training, so don't worry about us!  Your software is super intuitive.  I just built a custom light box with variable dimensions using your IF Then formula.  So cool!  We're really happy with the product."
K. Erfle
Mozaik cusrtomer since Nov 2017

"Everything is working great. Mozaik is the best!! It's been a game changer!" 
Mozaik Customer since September 2014

"I just integrated my new Biesse today, this is my third machine I am using with Mozaik.  Your online documentation guided me through the CNC integration, I already had it setup and running before my online session!  Love the software, love the new multiprint for submittal drawings!  I just finisheda huge 100 room commercial job with over a 300 page layout, Mozaik handled it great - not a single issue or crash.  I'm a former CV user, what took many UCSs and battling with crashes, Mozaik does with ease!"
M. Thind
Mozaik customer since December 2014

"I have a client that I have spent the last year designing her cabinets in her custom home. A lot of which is all custom CNC items attached to cabinets. This design would not have happened without the link between Mozaik and Sketchup.   
It made my and my CNC operators life soooo much easier. He was able to use what I had done in Mozaik and Sketchup and has seriously done a fantastic job turning this over the top design into a reality. It still has a few more pieces to go but you can get the idea." 
Kit1.jpg  fridge wall.jpg"Everything you see was drawn by me in Mozaik/Sketchup ... Needless to say we have a Super happy customer!!"
Danny J.
Mozaik Customer since November 2014

"Mosaic is an awesome program.  I use it day in and day out specifically for cabinetry but we also do custom closets, which are two different animals all together.  Mosaic will definitely get you to where you want ... I could not imagine doing this without it."
Mozaik Customer since May 2015

"Just want to give a shout out to the customer support crew." 
"AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME.  Had a PC crash and had to reload everything and the help desk was johnny on the spot.  Can't say enough about the support you receive with this program.
Great Support,
Great Updates,
Great software,
Great people."
Thanks to all of you."
Rick D.
Mozaik CNC customer since August 2014

"I really like how fast it is to draw up a job and customize the cabinets.  I like how when you are finished designing it shows you how much material you need.  Also, I really liked how the Mozaik team helped us setup the software to the way we build our cabinets and how they are always there when you need them."
Mirsad M.
Mozaik customer since October 2012

"We had another software package in our shop for about 10 years.  The software was getting outdated. So they encouraged us to upgrade to a different product owned by the same company. That product felt newer but I could have bought a car for the amount it was going to cost to upgrade to a CNC version and it was way too complicated.  So we subscribed to Mozaik. Mozaik can do anything they could do, it just does it twice as easy and twice as fast."

Michael D.
Mozaik customer since October 2012 

"It was pretty simple for me and I'm not the best computer guy around.  I called up Mozaik, they said they would create my post, they created it sent it to me, and I was up and running.  A machinery sales guy told me I would have to spend $25,000 on brand X to operate his machine, I didn't buy his machine or brand X."
Steven M.                                                                                             
Mozaik customer since September 2012

"I can't begin to express how much Mozaik has helped our business.  For me, the most important thing to finding a solution was ease of integration of the software.  We're always going 100 miles per hour here and there was no time for long training periods.  I needed something simple to use.  I did a ton of research.  What I really like about Mozaik is how quickly I can create a drawing and get it to the CNC Machine."
Matt D.
Mozaik customer since April 2013

"I'm not sure if replying to this email will land this in the right place but I've been wanting to tell you guys how much I appreciate Mozaik.  I've used several of the CNC cab design softwares out there and Mozaik is hands down my favorite!  It really is so easy to use and every time I crank out something wacky or unique I love it even more.  I could go on and on about how Mozaik has sped up the screen to machine process for me and how accurate and well thought out the features are.  I just wanted to give everyone at Mozaik an emphatic thumbs up!"
David G.
Mozaik customer since March 2014

"Since I'm new to the CNC world I have tried other programs lately thinking they might be better, (grass is always greener) - NOPE. Moziak has it nailed, keep it up.  Love it.  We could not be happier."
Mozaik customer since March 2014

"I sat down with a certain individual from a certain huge software company that specializes in cabinet software not so long ago. He whipped his laptop out and i whipped mine out.  We sat down side by side with a simple blueprint and we both started making cabinets.  On your Mozaik, with a little over a year's experience, I had produced g-code and corresponding paperwork ready to cut out before him.  Who was he?  It wouldn't be fair to say his name, but he did have around 30 years of expertise in cabinet software.  After it was over and the dust was settled, he admitted to me that Mozaik was more bang for the buck, but that he could run more machines than I could.  I simply said, 'if i had more machines to run and coordinate, I'd simply run all of them through your programming (Mozaik) also.'  He used to come by all the time, he hasn't come by since."
Charles M.
Mozaik customer since October 2014

"I just wanted to add that once you get into the program you will find that making custom cabinets, particularly custom shaped cabinets, Mozaik does a fantastic job and makes it very easy for us to create.  I had over 20 years experience with the "other guys" before switching to Mozaik about 2 years ago....I can tell you that I will NEVER go back..."
Mozaik customer since October 2013

"I am really enjoying working in your program.  I cannot afford to be without your design program even for one day."
Arlene M.
Mozaik customer since July 2015

"Thank you to the Mozaik team. 4.2 is a great update that I have been waiting for. I have just gone through all the videos and working with it already.  Well planned and executed. Again; Thank you."
Rob C.
Mozaik customer since November 2015

"Looks like it's that time again! I would like to renew my subscription to Mozaik with two seats, please. Also, if you could let the boss know this, I'd appreciate it: This software is astounding. Easy to use ... and never has it produced a crash on my CNC, which, according to a few of my contacts, isn't true for all the software out there.  After looking at the forums, Mozaik's and others, there really isn't anything out there as good as what Mozaik has to offer. Thanks for the hard work, guys. Renew me, please." 

Louis K.
Mozaik customer since 2014

"Thanks to all. You have grown our business and made it easy. Great Job and thanks for keeping it affordable ...  your team keeps amazing me." 
Rick D.
Mozaik customer since August 2014

"The new update looks awesome. I'm grinding 60 hours a week on work. I could not do it without Mozaik!"
James T.
Mozaik customer since February 2013

" This is exactly why we chose Mozaik over here in Australia.  Once we placed our order for our CNC, we started shopping.  We received a quote for that "current version" which was AUD$45,000.00 (even upgrading from the standard drafting package we already had) plus and extra $5000 per user and $3000.00 each year for updates and support. Mozaik CNC works out at about AUD$210/month for our two users which feels like pocket change at the end of every month.  We also looked at other high end software packages and none of them hinted at any change to their poor sales and development structures.  We bit the bullet and tried Mozaik (v3.7 at the time), within 3 Days we ran our first job with no issues.  And have seen the growth of the software which we have grown with too.  Nothing but good things to say!"

John B.
Mozaik customer since 2014

"I have completed my training sessions and I can honestly say that I will quickly recoup the money spent. The online videos are great, and with the one-on-one training you are able to get a more in depth understanding and set it up for your particular needs. The trainer's insightful knowledge of the industry and the program have helped us streamline our production. I highly recommend the training to anyone looking to take advantage of the features Mozaik has to offer."
Bob B.
Mozaik customer since 2013

"This is one of the many things I LOVE about Mozaik...the updates install nice and clean, does not mess up any previous settings and files you have made. You never have to worry about existing information getting messed up (unlike other to remain nameless programs that I have used in the past), ... thanks for all your hard work Mozaik Team!  After years of working with another cabinet software program we came to make the switch to Mozaik in 2013, the best move we could have made. We looked at some other software but they were insanely expensive and appeared to be quite extensive to learn. Not so with Mozaik. Affordable, stable, relatively easy to learn, & and it does what you need it to do. Equally important is the quality & level of service & support you provide to us, this truly is second to none."
 John S.
Mozaik Customer since 2013

"Hello, I use your Mozaik cabinet system to build my commercial cabinets. It's a great system and has greatly reduced my cutting time!" 
Brian S.
Mozaik customer since July 2014

"Love the software.  It has changed my business!  Thanks again."
Curt B.
Mozaik customer since October 2013

"Your software is great. I like it for its simplicity, flexibility and more than anything affordability. It combines the features offered by (the others) in an accessible and easy to learn platform." 
Mozaik customer since 2014

"I freaking love how you have made Mozaik available to set things up and modify. I no longer need thousands of UCS formulas etc. Great work!"
Mozaik customer since 2013
"I wanted to thank you for your prompt response the other day when i needed help getting my new CNC set up and running.  As usual, Mozaik as a company has preformed above all expectations!"
Jody M.
Mozaik customer since 2012

"That worked perfectly...I can not say enough how awesome you guys are...the support and quick response is miles above everyone else, my confidence in the program just keeps growing. Thank you!" 
Mozaik customer since July 2013

"All my problems are solved ... Now I have the power of Mozaik. I'm glad I sent that email yesterday and if I run into trouble with other things I will ask for help. That was a good test of your support system and it worked well. I'm looking forward to using this powerful software and learning all the things it can do now and in the future. Thanks again." 
Bryan R.
Mozaik customer since May 2013

"Sometimes all you have to offer is a 'shout out' to the Moziak team for going above and beyond, and even then, doesn't seem enough. So here is my 'SHOUT OUT' of gratitude and look forward to a continued relationship."
Andy T
Mozaik customer since May 2013

"Version 3.6 is fantastic!  Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. I just set up the hinge and handle templates and it worked perfect the first time! Our assembly time has been reduced by 1/2!" 
Mozaik customer since 2013

"I visited all of the software vendors at the AWFS before stopping (last) at the Mozaik booth. I am not surprised you won the Visionary Award. I am happy i chose a winner... keep up the good work."
Russ S.
Mozaik customer since December 2012

"You just can not imagine how big is the smile on my face!  Thank you for the code ... everything is working!  You really deserve the money i paid for your program. Have a nice day." 
Mael P.
Mozaik customer in Belgium since 2013

"I am excited to cut my first job. I already have a commercial project that (brandx) just would not handle.  It took 20 minutes and its going to save me 10 sheets of wood and 10 hours of install for the project. Thanks for a great program." 
Rod E.
Mozaik customer since April 2013

"Thanks for the help its greatly appreciated ... Can't wait to meet you guys at the woodworkers show. Thanks again!  By the way, I ordered material based off the software calculations instead of my guess, the software saved me what it cost for the month.  TRULY IMPRESSIVE!"
Ryan J.
Mozaik customer since August 2012

"I thought I would share a new wholesale website I am working on. It's about 75% complete. All the casegoods are done in Mozaik and then rendered in Sketchup ... this allows me to generate side, front and iso views without having to build a prototype or take a single photo!  Love the software."
Scott G.
Mozaik Customer since September 2012

"The fact that Mozaik designs, views in Sketchup, Nests and generates G-code in such a simple way .... it is amazing, especially for a smaller shop. Thank you! Smart, elegant and I think very efficient product!"
Eugene N.
Mozaik customer since October 2013

" ... I have purchased several other software's and found this one works exactly how i need it to to be able to do our high end jobs ... In my experience the other cabinet programs are just that a cabinet program, Mozaik to me is much more with the integration of Sketchup it's a cabinet and drafting program."
Andrew P.
Mozaik customer since November 2012

"I am very, very happy with the Mozaik software. The fit and finish of the parts is great and I love the versatility of the software. The ability to set dado slop for drawers and backs was huge and now the cabinets go together so very easy.  Mozaik is awesome.  It just helped me seal the deal on a few hundred thousand dollars worth of cabinets this morning!"
Denny J.
Mozaik customer since November 2012

"We got on board several years ago when Mozaik was new to the market and used it for over 2 years along side our current software.  During that time we also evaluated several other programs that we felt would meet our needs.  After trying just about everything out there we have decided to come back to Mozaik for good.  We look forward to working with you in the years to come."
Eric T.
Mozaik customer since February 2013

"...again thanks so much for the help, your software has totally changed my way of bidding and fabricating jobs." 
Robert B.
Mozaik customer since January 2013

"Just finished printing cut list for job, gotta say love the new printing format...Especially the dimensions on the optimized cut sheets!  I remember a few of us asked for dimensions on the nested sheet not that long ago and now we have it.  Way to go Mozaik, great job!!! Thanks for the Update!"
Mozaik customer since July 2013

"I am and have been a machinery technician since 1995.  As a machinery tech I know that a CNC without software is like an F350 with a V6 (looks good, but that's it).  I appreciate Mozaik offers and supplies a quality product at a fraction of what brand-X extorts from my longtime customers/friends.  I watched (him) squeeze an EXTRA $30,000 out of my last customer in October 2014.  That's when I decided to learn and promote Mozaik Software."
Regards, B
Machinery sales and integration

"When we first started nested based manufacturing, the link to cabinet software was the number one reason our cabinet customers bought the CNC ... over time it became the number one reason they did not buy a machine. Mozaik changed all that.  This cabinetmaking software is going to redefine how cabinet software is sold in America."
Machinery sales executive