Are you tired of printing a mountain of paperwork for the shop only to be interrupted time and again with yet more questions about the job?  Have you ever thought, “there has to be a better way?”

Now there is.

Introducing the Mozaik Paperless Shop Tablet Apps.

The power and simplicity of these apps will dramatically improve your cabinet shop's communication, productivity, and accuracy!   

What's in your shop?

Design and detail all your jobs in Mozaik's
award winning design to manufacture software ...
... then quickly sync the data with the New Paperless Shop Tablet Apps

Communicating all those cutting and assembly details to the shop floor just became a lot easier … 

... for less than the price of a 

Run each MPS App™ on separate tablet PCs or bundle them and install them all on one.  The Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps™ main menu displays the status of each job in each app.

You can have as many tablets as you need to run your shop.  Small, medium, or large; The Paperless Shop Tablet Apps are the right tool for your shop! 

Mozaik Paperless Shop Cutlist App                 $15/mo

The Mozaik Paperless Shop Cutlist App™ contains all the cut list items for each job along with all shop drawings and product specifications.  This simple app makes it easy to cut your doors, drawer boxes, frames, case parts, and other sub-assemblies.  The parts are checked off as cut and progress is tracked automatically.  The color coded menus make it easy to identify where you are and what’s next on the list!

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Mozaik Paperless Shop Label App                   $15/mo

The Mozaik Paperless Shop Label App™ allows you to print your part labels on demand as they are cut.  Supporting both Dymo™ and Zebra™ printers, the Mozaik PSA Label App™ makes labeling your nested sheets quick and easy.  Simply select the sheet, touch the part, print your label complete with graphic!  The color coded App makes it easy to identify which labels have been printed and which sheets have been completed!

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Mozaik Paperless Shop Assembly App           $15/mo

The Mozaik Assembly App™ has a complete list of all items necessary to assemble each product in the job, from cut lists, to hardware, to accessories.

The interactive drawings make it easy to visualize the assembly, measure tolerances, locate mounting holes, and identify other vital assembly information.

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Bundle all three for one low fee!  
Special introductory offer of $25/mo!

We're taking the shop paperless...and we're doing it affordably!
Paperless Shop Apps™ are available to current Mozaik Manufacturing or Mozaik CNC subscription holders only.  Maybe its time to switch to a modern software provider.  One that understands today's techology and delivers it at a reasonable price.  Remember, Mozaik's complete CNC Software is only $125/mo.  There are no upfront costs, no hidden fees, and no pushy sales reps.