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Mozaik's Award Winning Software has no upfront costs and no hidden fees. Our products take you from design to cut-list to machine ready G-Code, all for one low monthly fee! Your fee includes the software version of your choice (see Products Page), all software updates, video training, online support services and interactive product Forums.
We don’t ask for your money upfront, we earn it month after month!  Get started today!
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 *   Residential, Commercial, Millwork
 Face Frame Cabinets
 *   Frameless Cabinets 
 *   Custom Closets
 *   Design & Estimating
 *   Shop Drawings
 *   Presentation Renderings
 *   Complete Cutting Lists
 *   Part & Product Labels
 *   CNC MDF Doors
 *   CNC Dovetail Drawers
 *   Trueshape Nesting
 *   100% Machine Ready GCode
 *   Link to CNC Routers (Post Processor)
 *   Links to Tigerstop and Razorguage
 *   Free Online Video Training
 *   Free Online Support Services
 *   Free Customer Support Forums
 *   Free Software Updates

    No Upfront Costs
    No Hidden Fees
Complete CNC Software for cabinets & closets 
only $125/mo

Mozaik Touch This

The competitors cannot “touch” the power or flexibility of Mozaik … but now you can!  Meet with your clients onsite, quickly design the job, download the customer's appliances from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse, price the job, and close the sale! 

Whether you’re running a desktop, laptop, touchscreen, or Tablet PC - Mozaik is the right tool for the job!

Listen to what your fellow Shop Owners have to say!
design by Mozaik customer Michael Dunphy

 "I can’t begin to express how much Mozaik has helped our business. Mozaik allows you to custom design each and every cabinet ... I am almost positive I am using every feature the software has to offer.

When it came to picking software I did a ton of research.  What I found was that most companies had what I call the 'Dog and Pony Show'. The salesman comes to your shop , they set up an online conference with their design staff and spend the day trying to convince you to spend $30,000.00 ... I needed a way more inexpensive option as we had already spent $100,000.00 on a new machine.  While doing a Google search I found an interesting opportunity and it was called Mozaik Software.  It would do all the things we needed and more. Best of all the price!  $125.00 / month.  That is what their competition charge just for annual updates.  I was sold.  What I really like about Mozaik is how quickly I can generate a drawing and get it to the CNC machine."

An example of how Mozaik saved the day for me was at the end of August 2013.  It was at a time when a lot of schools were under renovations and all the millwork guys were going flat out to try and complete the projects.  The general contractor we work for had 4 different millwork guys working on the various schools. Our school was built using Mozaik.  We were the only millwork shop that completed one week ahead of schedule.   
Photo by Matt Drouillard
None of the other shops made the deadline. On a Monday morning at 7:00am, 3 days before school starts, I received a phone call.  'We need your help.  We need 28 cabinets supplied and installed by tomorrow morning!'  So here is where we put Mozaik to the test.  I sent my son up the street to pick up 40 sheets of melamine while I draw up the upper and lower cabinets.  By the time he got back the g-code was at the CNC and ready to go.  I loaded the melamine on the CNC and my son edgebanded.  With 2 guys assembling by 5:00pm that day we had successfully designed, cut and assembled 28 cabinets complete with all hardware! .  All cabinets are captive blind dado/tenon construction so no assemble errors.  All hinges, hinge plate holes , shelf holes, drawer glide holes, handle holes and even assembly holes in all parts come from Mozaik automatically."
Matt D.

               Photo by Mirsad Musovic
 "I liked how the Mozaik team helped us set up the software to the way we build our cabinets and that Mozaik is always there when you need them!  Mozaik has helped us keep up with the kitchens being ordered, its helped us be more organized, look more professional, and get more jobs that we might have not gotten before.  I really liked the month to month payment plan option."  
Mirsad M.

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